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Lets raise our hands for Nepal

Orange juice, beans, black pudding and coffee is my breakfast!

Lunch and dinner and comfort sofa is my zone area!

Everything needs to be perfect, I don't mind to spend more than I expect!

I have a shelter, spring bed and carpet floor!

Need to make sure it's enough to be comfortable!

Devastated Nepal looking for appeal!

No food, no shelter and no water!

No choice, just raising hands to others.....!

Shouting, shouting and shouting........

Is there anyone out there?

They are looking and we are just watching!

Starving, starving and starving.....!

Your price of a breakfast one item

They can get breakfast lunch and dinner.

Your shelter is their sky...

Your spring bed is their open field,

Your carpet floor is their grass!!

Tell me now who are we?

It's time to show the world who we are!!

Lets raise our hands for Nepal.

Submitted by: Md.Golam Nijam, UK

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