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Letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on becoming Prime Minister of Republican India after a landslide victory over Kangress. I know this is too late to congratulate you. However, this is my first letter to you, that's why I am taking this opportunity as your well wisher. There was a big hope on you of Indian people making country better than ever. I believe you must be trying your best as your knowledge and ability. Not only Indian people, many Nepalese people were also happy to see you as elected Prime Minister of India. Therefore, when you came to Nepal, Nepalese people were chanting slogans "Modi sarakar- Jindabad". It was unbelievable respect on you from Nepal and Nepalese people as the neighboring country's Prime Minister. I believe you remember that extra ordinary moment in Nepal.

After you visited Nepal, it has changed a lot.In Gujarat, Hardik Patel organized big march and demonstration against reservation quotas for education and governments jobs , which turned violent and did cost a lot. In Bihar's general election, your party has won 37 seats less than before.I am sad for you. Good luck for next time. Our country Nepal was struck by big earthquake, which took hundreds of people's lives and left thousands of people homeless. It means Nepal faced unfulfilled big holes of human loses and billions dollars destruction. At the time, the people and countries of the glove helped Nepal and as a neighbor, India and Indian people helped a lot .We really appreciate your selfless commitment towards the humanity. Personally, I truly respect you and all the Indians for such a tremendous support, which was incomparable to anything else.

Nepal was struggling nearly a decade to build the constitution. Finally, after earthquake, Nepal built the constitution even though there are some unsolved issues. However, when it is necessary, it can be done any amendments as time and people needs because constitution is always flexible to suit any changes. However, people started revolution in Madhesh on oppose of constitution, which is ongoing till now. After that revolution started, Nepal is not getting basic human needs due to the blockade in boarder by India. Nepal is depending on India for supply of goods for many years being a landlocked country. Nepal trusts India as a brother. Now Nepal is struggling to run the everyday life without Gas, petrol, diesel, foods, groceries, medicines etc. Now people are dying in lack of medicines, pregnant women, children, elderly people are dying not getting hospitals due to no transport because of the lack of fuel. Schools, hospitals, shops etc are closing down without necessary means. People have no means to cook food. What does it mean? Do you understand Modi G? You told before you can't see Nepalese people are in any trouble. But now you are encouraging the revolutionaries blocking the boarder for basic supply to Nepal and watching the Nepalese people out of humanitarian needs.

Modi G, You are saying, blockade is a result of Madhesh revolution.Yes you are right, it has happened because of it. Madhesh revolution is a political disagreement between the government and other political parties. There is nothing to do with the general public. Your blockade has affected approximately 29 millions and two hundreds thousands people of Nepal. Only couple of hundreds politicians are disagreeing each other for their benefits. They are not fighting for the public.If they are fighting for the public, how could they laugh and proud on problems public facing right now. You are the key personnel who can make ease these problems, therefore, I will ask you some questions: how can the country settle down in peace if there are not basic needs fulfilled? How can people negotiate if they don't have to eat? Now Nepalese government can't think anything else rather than unblocking border or managing alternative supply chain. Revolutionaries also don't think of negotiation instead of going to border and chanting for their victory. Until you do the blockade, there is less probability to negotiate between revolutionary and the government. Your blockade means killing Nepalese people unconditionally, which will be harmful to you as well in the future because poverty links with terrorism. If there only one group of extreme terrorist forms up in Nepal, you can't sleep well because it is unpredictable. Therefore, please help Nepal and help yourself unblocking the boarder and making supply efficient to Nepal. If you open the border as normal, automatically sooner or later there will be negotiation among Nepalese people. Now, there is not a big problem among us. It is just the misinterpretation and miscommunication.

I am not going to talk about the international law. I don't want to talk about the religious and linguistic relations too. I want to talk about humanity. You are the Prime Minister of approximately one billion and 28 millions of Indian people.I believe It means you must have big heart and great humanity.If there is no humanity on you, you couldn't achieve this position. If you have just pretended to be a great human being, that would be a big lye and betray to the Indian people.Therefore If you are real, you will stop blockade and leave the Nepalese people to live a life. There are millions of Nepalese people who chanted the slogans "Modi Sarakar-Jindabad". Now they are saying "Modi G, you are destructive than the big earthquake". Yes that is the reality because earthquake damaged only limited places of Nepal but your blockade has hit everyone who lives in Nepal. There is no one who has not suffered from your action Modi G. They are not turning back on you; you turned your back to them. They are just requesting you to come back as their honorable Modi G.I am not saying that Nepalese leaders have not done anything wrong. I know they have done a lot of disrespectful things each other. They have to convert it to positive attitude. However, Modi G, if neighbors are arguing, it doesn't mean you are entitled to lock the door from outside and let them fight each other and starve them.

Modi G, I believe on you that you will stop the blockade right now being a great leader of India and will help Nepal to live as normal as a sovereign country.

Submitted by: Rambhakta Rai

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