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Friends raise £14,000 in six-thousand-mile charity walk to Nepal

Friends raise £14,000 in six-thousand-mile charity walk to Nepal

Two friends from Suffolk have arrived home after raising £14,000 in an epic charity walk to Nepal.

Sam Crimp and Henry Dunham, both from Framlingham, took ten months to walk six thousand miles to Kathmandu.

The pair endured terrible weather, hunger and a broken foot along the way.

"It's really strange to be back, to be back to normality. I think I'm missing the madness of India and Nepal.

"But Framlingham is home and it's really nice to be back."

– Sam Crimp, Adventurer

The money raised will be donated to a brain cancer charity.

It is in memory of Henry sister Annie, who died from a tumour last year.

"It was always the poorest countries where we got the most help.

"Germany, Austria hardly any help. But in Hungary or Bulgaria people would cook us food, put us up for the night.

"That happened time after time and that's what kept us going."

– Henry Dunham, Adventurer

To find out more about the charity 'Annie's Challenge' or to donate click here.

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