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Woodville schools hope to smash world record in French Boules for Nepal campaign

Woodville schools hope to smash world record in French Boules for Nepal campaign

Staff from a South Derbyshire are hoping to smash a world record as part of their ambitious plans to build a new school in Nepal.

Woodville Schools Federation, which includes Woodville Infants and Junior School, in High Street, is hoping to play French boules for an eye-watering 53 hours in a bid to smash a Guinness World Record for the longest time the bowling game has been played.

Woodville school teachers Craig Biddle, Carly Seaman-Peake and Danny Goodridge, and PE sports coach Alex Garner will be taking on the world record attempt.

Pupils and staff from the Federation have spent the last few months celebrating the 100th birthday of its current building with many fund-raising activities held to fund a new school in Nepal – but its latest charity cash campaign will see it aiming to smash a world record in French boules and reach its £10,000 fundraising target too. It has already raised £9,000.

Children and parents have been sponsoring the event which will see ambitious staff play the game, which is played extensively in France, for 53 hours straight from July 12 to July 14. Playing for 53 hours would beat the current world record for playing boules non-stop which stands at 52 hours.

As well as going for the record, those taking part will be sponsored to play and they are hoping to raise at least £1,000 from this latest venture which will bring the grand total raised by the school to a whopping £10,000 enabling work to begin on the school, in South Asia.

Craig Liddle, a year two teacher at the federation, will be one of four staff members taking part in the world record attempt. The foursome will play in pairs; while two take part in the game, the other pair will watch, while waiting for their turn to play so the game never stops.

He said: "We wanted to help with the fund-raising and wanted to attempt a world record but didn't know which one. One of the children I teach had a world record book and had put in post-it notes of records we could attempt. Some of them would be impossible and we wanted something we think we could achieve."

Woodville schools hope to smash world record in French Boules for Nepal campaign

The sport of French boules was decided on and the school now has to beat the effort of a team in Belgium which played for 52 hours non-stop.

They will play the sport in the school grounds, while inviting parents to watch. However, the school is now asking for help from Burton Mail readers.

Mr Liddle, 34, said: "We are hoping for donations such as cameras as they need to be filming us for the entire time to make sure we don't cheat. We also need a clock which is visible and can time us for at least 53 hours, as well as spotlights during the night time and any food and water."

Anyone who would like to donate any of these items is asked to contact the school and donations towards the Nepal fund can be made by visiting:

The school kicked off its Nepal fund on its 100th birthday in February with a balloon release.

Anyone can follow the school on its Twitter and Facebook accounts @WoodvilleFederation and share their memories of Woodville, plus fund-raising moments, photos and amounts with the #Woodville100.

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