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Nepal walking challenge raises $6000 for charity

Nepal walking challenge raises $6000 for charity

A group of charity campaigners set themselves a real mountain to climb and although they failed to reach their fundraising summit, they are delighted with what they achieved.

Hasely Lobb, organiser of the 8848m For Nepal, challenged people to individually walk, run, climb, ride, jump, or use a mobility scooter to ascend 8848 metres - the equivalent of scaling the height of Mount Everest within a month to raise money for the Himalayan Trust's Musey Water Appeal.

The challenge started on November 1 and ends on Thursday and all 14 competitors were in the final stages of completing their 8848m distance.

"I had no idea how much we'd raise going into this," Lobb said.

"I would have like to raised more but every little bit helps."

Lobb said the group had raised about $6,000 of the $20,000 target so far and anyone who wanted to donate can still do so.

Until the target is reached, the people of Musey will still have to walk over rugged mountainous terrain for around 20 minutes to get water after their water tank was destroyed in the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in April 2015.

The trust hasn't been the only one to benefit from the challenge - Lobb's lost 6kg so far.

"It's been really beneficial getting fitter at the start of summer and getting into shape," he said.

"It's a big personal achievement and I've got healthier because of this challenge,"

Lobb said he wasn't far off reaching the required distance.

"I've currently done 8250m and am planning on doing about 300 tonight and tomorrow night."

While Lobb's achievements have been impressive, fellow campaigner Jo Taylor has taken it to the extreme and has completed the distance twice.

"She reached the 8848m in 12 days and was challenged to do it again, so she did," Lobb said.

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