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Group in Swindon building links with Nepal

Group in Swindon building links with Nepal

Dr Christine Tipper is a member of a group forging links between the town and Madhyapur Thimi, a town near Bhaktapur, south east of the capital Kathmandu in the Himalayan country.

At a meeting of the borough council's Town Twinning Network she asked for a letter of friendship signed by Swindon Mayor Councillor Junab Ali to take out to Nepal when she makes another visit in 10 days time.

Dr Tipper said: "We'd like to take something out expressing official friendship between Swindon and Madyapur Thimi and Bhaktapur.

"We'd like to develop links between Swindon and Nepal, and for it to be something for the whole town, not just our little group."

She added there was a Nepalese population of about 2,000 people in Swindon and said: "They are supportive of our efforts to improve links."

Coun Ali said he had no objection in principle to providing such a letter but asked Dr Tipper to write to his office in more detail so he could take advice from officers on the correct protocols, as he had never signed such a letter before.

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