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Fund to Nepal for conserving mountains

LONDON: Germany has announced a fast-track funding of Euro 10 million (US $ 13 million) for the implementation of the adaptation projects for vulnerable mountain communities in the world.

Nepal is selected among three countries to pilot an ecosystem-based adaptation project in the mountain region.

Nepal, representing Asia, Uganda and Peru from East Africa and Andes of Latin America are selected for the project, said the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the technical partner for the implementation of the project, at a press conference organised in Cancun, Mexico on December 9.

The announcement to provide fast-track funding by donor countries to developing ones contributes towards the goal of US $ 30 billion, pledged by developed economies during the global climate meet held in Copenhagen, Denmark last year.

Ecosystem-based adaptation is a concept which seeks to create a win-win situation between adaptation measures and biodiversity conservation.

The programme, to be carried out by the UNEP, the UN Development Programme and the International Union for Conservation of Nature, will assess, for example, increased vulnerability among communities and farmers to droughts and floods linked with rising regional temperatures and the loss of glaciers and ice.

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