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Sherpa Kidug meet at Ashford

Sherpa Kidug meet at AshfordLONDON: The fifth conference of UK Sherpa Kidug was held at Everest Inn here in Ashford in the third week of January.

The programme which was chaired by its chairman Gomba Pinasha Sherpa also passed a proposal to change the name of the organization to ‘Sherpa Organization UK’. It has also been proposed to register the body with a charity.

The conference also elected its new executive committee headed by Angfula Sherpa.

Earlier, the outgoing chairman had presented reports on the body’s financial status of the last year on the occasion.

Sherpa Kidug meet at Ashford

Sherpa Kidug meet at Ashford


0 #1 Angphula Sherpa 2012-02-04 21:11
Correction ! Correction !! Correction !!!

Thank you for posting the news above, but i would like to highlight that the name of the organisation has been changed to "Sherpa Association United Kingdom", not Sherpa Organisation UK as mentioned above.

Thanking you all.

Captain (Retired) Angphula Sherpa
Sherpa Association United Kingdom

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