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Solicitor Thapa felicitated by Good Lawyer Guide 2012

LONDON: Recognizing his outstanding contribution in the legal field, renowned solicitor Raju Thapa has been felicitated by ‘Good Lawyer Guide 2012’ here in the United Kingdom recently.

The felicitation is the result of his ‘special and effective’ performance in the immigration related legal issues. With this, Thapa has bagged a felicitation certificate along with a five-star rating for his exemplary service. The body evaluates performances of more than 50,000 lawyers in England and Wales. According to the awarding body, the certificate is exclusively awarded to solicitors with five-star ratings, which in turn are given only to solicitors who offer an outstanding service to clients.

Following the recognition, solicitor Thapa expressed gratitude. “At the same time, the honour has placed on me more responsibilities while continuing the legacy,” he said. “Besides, it’s surely a motivating factor to offer service for the community members with utmost diligence in the days ahead.”

The awarding organization is an independent research body that evaluates and recognizes excellence in law firm practices besides carrying out various research works in the field.

Mr Thapa operates his own legal firm Everest Law Solicitors at Ealing Broadway.


+3 #3 Suman 2012-03-31 23:17
I am surprised why people write negative to Mr. Thapa. Rameswor are you jealous for his achievement? Nothing is free in London. How do you support to your family? I think probably you work free for your employer. I have also used Mr. Thapa. He takes the case very seriously. You are one of zealous attempting to damage Mr. Thapa's reputation. But you cannot. He is one of the pioneer in the society and your comment is useless.
Try to respect others. If he is awarded for good lawyers guide there must be good reasons to be awarded. I salute for Mr. Thapa's achievement. Badarle afno ghar pani banaudaina arkako ghar pani bhatkaunch. If you think he is expensive no one has forced you to go there.
-5 #2 jiwan 2012-03-20 22:09
Dear Rameswar jee,

You are 100% correct and there is no sympathy and empathy towards others rather than money he wish.
We need to find good solicitor who can do well in work and money too.
+1 #1 Rameswar 2012-03-09 08:04
Hi, Although Mr Thapa is honoured by this but he is very greedy and always gives priority for money. He should change his way and behaviour towards his profession. He is good but not towards serving people but gaining towards more money. Money is his no one priority. He should improve on this.

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