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72-year Nepali dies of heart attack inside London-bound Qatar Airways flight

A 72-year old Nepali national died of heart attack onboard London-bound Qatar Airways flight.

Sajit Buda died inside the plane on his way to London via QR 001 flight from the second transit in Doha, Qatar. It is learnt that Buda had flown with an oxygen mask on Thursday via QR 355 flight to Doha from Kathmandu.

Buda's family has claimed that he died because of the carelessness on the part of the airlines as he was restricted from carrying oxygen mask at Doha transit.

However, Qatar Airways officials in Kathmandu said no medical reports were submitted to them and that it was not possible for them to assess its condition.

Buda was flying with her wife and other two to visit his family members living in United Kingdom.

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