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NRNA-UK’s 2nd national council meet concluded

NRNA-UK’s 2nd national council meet concludedLONDON: Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) UK concluded its second council meeting here at Greenford in London on Sunday (May 20, 2012).

The programme was attended by its patron Dr. Upendra Mahato, ICC chairman Jiba Lamichhane, UK patron Professor Surya Subedi, among others.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Mahato urged all the NRNs to boost investment in Nepal as there was no risk situation at the moment. He also stressed that the Nepali Diaspora should focus more as to how NRNA-UK’s 2nd national council meet concludedthey could contribute to make the country rich, thus leaving their personal ambition for wealth aside.

Chairman Lamichhane shed lights on the NRNA's remarkable achievements and said their demand for dual citizenship would not be ceased. He said they were exerting pressures on the political actors in Nepal for such a provision in the new constitution.

Nepali Ambassador to the UK Dr. Suresh Chandra Chalise urged for 'trilateral' investment idea involving local entrepreneurs, NRNs and foreigners.

NRNA-UK’s 2nd national council meet concluded NRNA-UK’s 2nd national council meet concluded NRNA-UK’s 2nd national council meet concluded
Professor Subedi predicted that Nepal would not be able to get constitution by the May-28 deadline but the political stalemate would continue in the days ahead. The programme was presided over by UK chairman of the body Kul Acharya.

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0 #3 Sagar et al. 2012-05-25 14:32
Oh Hello! First plz mind your dialect!
I wish the Nepalese with good intention and sense of responsibility towards motherland fulfilled their duties regardless of whatever they receive in return.
The question here is do we really need such a provision of a mere citizenship to help Nepal and needy ones there who are reeling under scarcity of daily use commodities, drinking water, darkness, lack of roads, proper education, and to put in clearly and rather bluntly: devoid of the basic of the basics of life! Why do the NRNs need dual citizenship if they really want to see the country and fellow countrymen prosper? Are their well wishes and citizenship card in any way mutually exclusive entities?
I am sorry but I do not see any plausible logic behind the NRN rhetoric! If they want to do business, earn some quick bucks and want their investment secure with that, then the country too has every right to take decision on her interest.
+1 #2 hahaha 2012-05-25 06:04
@satya the truth , just because u think it is the truth does not mean it is truth, calling others bhagaudas haha i am sure u are abroad as well, if not then wtf u doing in a site for uk nepali. dont worry these people will fullfill the duty to their motherland if given the chance.
+1 #1 Satya the Truth 2012-05-24 19:47
This is yet another drama by our 10-pass restauranteurs here in the UK. The motherland is burning and so-called leaders are staging various dramas to find ways to stick to power to loot the state coffers. And these would-be politicians just seem oblivious to the situation there and repeating the rhetoric again...'dual citizenship'...!! What a shame...if there is no such provision, can't they fulfill the duty to their anything preventing them from doing good deeds?? Absolutely NO...! Its a sad reality for the Nepalese they are giving birth to yet another generation of such illeterate and half-wit politicians. If they get such citizenship they will definitely go to Nepal and join these corrupt leaders or open yet another party and begin looting there!! Plz Plz...Stop these Bhagaudas from entering the country and let them die in foreign land in peace! We dont want these bunch in Nepal and giving big talk...Plz plz!!!

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