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Pasa Puchah Guthi UK organised Mha Puja & New Year Nepal Sambat Celebrations 1127

Pasa Puchah Guthi UK: Press Release
Mha Puja Nhu Dhan Nepal Sambat 1127

Pasa Puchah Guthi UK (PPG UK) organised Mha Puja and New Year Nepal Sambat Celebrations 1127 on Monday 23rd October 2006 at Ealing Town Hall, West London with great devotion and commitment towards Newah tradition and culture.

More than 500 witnessed this extravaganza and was graced by Chief Guest, Charge d’ Affairs of the Embassy of Nepal, Mr Dipendra Pratap Bista, Mayor of Ealing, Mrs Diana Pagan JP, Rt Hon Subas Nembang MP, Hon Mahendra B. Pandey MP, Chief Whip, CPN (UML) Parliamentary Party, Hon Tek Bahadur Chokhal MP, Krishna Bahadur Mahara of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), Mrs Shashi Shrestha and many others including various heads of Nepalese organisations based in the UK.
Mha Puja Celebration began with a welcome speech by the President, Mr Arjun Pradhan, then followed with the announcement of a formation of the Pasa Puchah Guthi UK’s new branch in East London, and then followed with The Cultural programme with the Mangal Dhun.

The launch of Mha Puja Cd tiltled Nhu Dhan ya Bhintuna by the  Mayor of Ealing, Mrs Diana Pagan JP. The track was sung by reknowned singers from Nepal eg Prabesh Man Shakya, Bhim Tuladhar, Prabin Man Shakya , Prashna Shakya and Rajani Dangol, lyrics and music by Pabitra Man Shakya, the Vice-President and the Chair of the Mha Puja Committee Nhu Dhan 1127. The PPG UK is indebted to Mr Pabitra Man Shakya for his enormous contribution both in time and resources. The release of the Cd tiltled Nhu Dhan ya Bhintuna was fully funded by Pabitra Man Shakya.
Also many thanks to other Mha Puja Committee members, Sabita Manandhar (Ex-Cultural Secretary), Pratima Joshi, Cultural Secretary, a new comer, and very energetic member of our PPG UK and Ojesh Singh for their hard work.

PPG UK is also very pleased to announce that the Mha puja Vcd/Dvd will also coming out soon. For this, the PPG UK is indebted to Nepalese Youth Club UK (Manisha Dangol Shrestha, Sunil Shrestha, Sunita Baniya, Mahesh Baniya, Sachid Mali and Binod Shrestha) for the contribution of its time and  all the resources, The Fund raised from the Mha Puja Cds and Mha Puja Vcd/Dvd will go to the PPG UK fund for the establishment of PPG UK office.

The annual publication called Guthi a yearly magazine was also launched on the same day by Arjun Pradhan, the President of PPG UK. Special thanks for this to the members of Publications Committee Mr Amrit Sthapit (Advisor and Ex- Founder President), Mr Shashi Manandhar (Exec Committee Member and Ex-founder General Secretary) and especially to  Mr Ojesh Singh (Exec Committee Member and Ex-General Secretary) who put enormous time in co-ordinating the works of the Publications Committee.

The most gracious performance of the night, Chariya,(Shiva Dum) by the professional dancer, Mr Charan Pradhan spellbound everyone (It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Charan is the best dancer among Nepalese in the UK). Lakhe dance by Mr Binod Chipalu and great performances by multitalented Mr Sanam Kumar Bairag, beautiful songs and dances by talented artists were other attractions of the night which won everyone’s heart too.

Newah Bhoye with mouth watering authentic typical Newari food, (Thanks to Kedar Maherjan, Joint Sec, Badri and Mr Bal Krishna Maharjan, Royal Nepalese Restaurant), Samye baji, lapte bhoye, Chhoyela, Alu Chhon, Aloo Achar, Dhau etc just added all the ingredients needed to have the perfect night to celebrate the Nhu Dhan in style.

Special thanks to Mr Rameswor Singh Dangol for sponsoring all drinks and the first prize for the raffle, Galaxy TV especially Mr Bikash Devkota for covering all Mha Puja event, Mr Surendra Prasad Shrestha , Nepalese Youth Club UK  and Nepali Samaj UK( Mr Sushil Singh) for taking pictures. We are also grateful for other raffle prizes from Deurali Ltd,  Montys Ealing Broadway, Nepalese Tandoori Restaurant, Cinema tickets from Reema Shakya and McDonalds vouchers  from Mr Om Pradhan,,Treasurer, PPG UK

Vote of thanks
Pabitra Man Shakya, Charan Pradhan, Binod Chipalu, Sanam Kumar Bairag, Nani Heera, Kevin Shrestha, Shamini Yogandran, Tribeni Gurung, Krishna Chhakhun, Binod Shrestha, Sabin Pradhan, Suman Kharel, Situ Kharel, Angela Singh Shrestha, Miya Maharjan, Preeti Kachyapati, Binu Hada, Anju Shrestha, , Manoj Tiwari, Bishi Rai, Khoseli Pariwar( Chadani Dakal), Krishna Manandhar, Gopal Manandhar, Pratibha Manandhar, Ramani Manandhar, Hom Paribag, Pallavi Shakya, Shamini, Cathy Manandhar, Nina Manandhar, Bandhana Pradhan, Ravin Pradhan, Dhiraj Shrestha, Anu Sthapit, Srijana Singh, Sharnila Singh, Leah Rajbhandari, Pallavi Shakya, Ragini Shrestha, Surina Maharjan, Ojesh Singh (one of the most popular Band in UK), Layasutra Band and Mr Bishwa Shahi for sound system.

Once again on behalf of PPG UK many thanks to all contributors, caterers, sponsors, advertisers, artists, volunteers, all members and non members who took their valuable time and joined in the effort of PPG UK to celebrate Mha Puja and Nepal Sambat 1127.

Sincere apology for not being able to announce the raffle draw due to constrain of time. PPG UK will be announcing it as soon as possible.
Also sincere apology if we have missed anyone.

Manisha Dangol Shrestha
General Secretary

Click here to view the Pictures of this event.

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