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  1. Looking for nepali tutor
  2. waiting for visa application decision from ukba for 6 months
  3. hi
  4. blacklist Nepali Airlines?
  5. Is there any discrimination in UK toward Nepalese and Nepalese community?
  6. Nepal's Geographic Challenges
  7. Looking for female model for music video
  9. Very good king size room available in southall broadway
  10. Looking for female model
  11. Good size room available in southall broadway
  12. http://www.nepalisamajuk.com/forum survey....REAL or SPAM
  13. Nepali driving instructor near wembley needed
  14. "spot the difference": what is hundi? where is hundi? and so on....
  15. Inspiring guy
  16. My Update :)
  17. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year forumers
  18. Report me
  19. Heartfelt Condolence!!!
  20. About time..!
  21. Looking to work in Flight Booking Company
  22. Nepal Beauty
  23. Any body wants to have website at a cheap price?
  24. गोर्खा सैनिकका १८ बर्ष माथिका सन्तानलाई प
  25. Any single lady in Midland
  26. Nepali Embassy in London only accepts CASH, WHY?
  27. GO FOR YOUR RIGHTS. Gurkha Children 18+
  28. How to apply CRB
  29. How to register a new business in UK?
  30. Nepalese in Liverpool / Wirral
  31. London Embassy building now on sale!
  32. Who Is Insured Beneath OSHA?
  33. Cheap college/university in London?
  34. Hello Everyone!!!
  35. students were caught in woolwich..
  36. Ilr visa in mrp new nepali passport
  37. Lau aayo Taaja Khabar...please read and share/comment!
  38. Any Nepali musicians in Exeter/Plymouth area?
  39. CIMA course in London with 20 hrs work
  40. New University opens its campus in London: fee is reasonable
  41. Witness Appeal Colonel Lama
  42. Please help me on writing dissertation
  43. New International Airports in Nepal
  44. Excess BAGGAGE FOR Nepal
  45. Bizz Education reviews?
  46. Olympic School for Nepal
  47. Possible Selling of Nepal's UK Embassy
  48. Work permit
  49. Level 7, almost 5 yrs complete, what next!?
  50. If you 'Like' Nepali politics, you might 'Like'...
  51. About bank loan
  52. Download: Compare Remit2Nepal WebApp for Mobile Phones
  53. Time for New Destination
  54. phd
  55. Driving to Nepal for good cause...wow!
  56. Practical car driving
  57. Extending visa ! Its Gr8 chance to study in one of the best UNI
  58. call to nepal
  59. Ample Consultancy ko review plz
  60. What is established presence?
  61. Wanna Share a House in Ealing/Hangerlane/Acton?!
  62. Help required for a Nepal diaspora PhD study
  63. ielts 5.5 only????
  64. MBA Work experience
  65. Embassy आफन्त छिराउन दुई कर्मचारी निकालेको आरो&#
  66. Nrn charity dinner ma yasto kina hola ?
  67. Tier 4 Visa/ Schengen Visa/ Work Permit Visa
  68. readmission on the same level but different college
  69. Schengen Visa or Europe Tourist Visa
  70. नेपाली प्रेमी चुनियोस...wa wa wa
  71. Who will win nrn elction 2013 ?
  72. Double Room Available
  73. Nepalese man Hitendra Limbu jailed for kukri knife attack on teenagers in Ashford tow
  74. double room available in hayes end !!!
  75. law about tuition fees refund and ukba processing time
  76. Father's Day Gifts To Nepal
  77. Nepali priest required
  78. maintainance fund Bank Statement Confusion.
  79. Live in Nanny required Surrey Quays
  80. Spacious room available in rayners lane
  81. Please help me for PGD Topics
  82. Pls help to one nepalese who died in woolwich ...
  83. Research for all Nepalis in the UK - What do you think about Mental Health?
  84. Post election preparation and some hidden secrets
  85. A Nepali Mother and Her Child in the World of Down syndrome in Wales
  86. Revealed: Qatar's World Cup 'slaves'
  87. Females At Qatar Airways Must Seek 'Prior Permission' From Company For Marriage, Preg
  88. Airport in Nepal
  89. Canada ...............?Think Think and THink
  90. Am I eligible to apply Australia?
  91. Higher Education for gurkha children
  92. Good Night from Nepal
  93. Dashain Ayo
  94. My UN post
  95. New In this Site
  96. Calling Nepal in cheaper price with bonus !!!
  97. Nepali speakers in Warrington/Widnes/Liverpool...?
  98. यो देशको काट्टो खानेहरु
  99. Free Courses from top universities
  100. She is lucky..............GAJAB KO NEWS....
  101. Calling Nepal in cheaper price with bonus !!!
  102. This is my last post Kapa signing out :D
  103. Sunday Morning Love You
  104. New Immigration Rules from 1 October 2013 - Tier 4
  105. एउटा पत्रिका चलाउन तिन महिना पनि राम्ररी 
  106. Properity Index
  107. Tech Entrepreneurship is Brewing Up in Kathmandu, Nepal
  108. सयौ फुलका थुंगा हामी एकै माला नेपाली
  109. pretty sure army colleague are not happy with the GURKHA HUNGER STRIKE..read here
  110. From Embassy of Nepal
  111. 2 bed room house to rent in Hillingdon !
  112. Where can i change Nepali rupees to pounds?
  113. Sending cargo to nepal from united kingdom
  114. Hate middlemen/middlewomen
  115. 2 bed room house to rent in Hillingdon ! January 2014
  116. See how beautiful Nepal can be
  117. Tamang samaj united
  118. RE:ILR dependent
  119. Fully Furnished Big Double Room To Let in Hounslow Central/West
  120. The Best of the Best : New Gurkha In the UK
  121. Manche ki kukur.........SAUTA JASTO JHAGADA GARCHAN......NRN
  122. Online Visa application to foreigners and NRN
  123. Looking for 2 Double room
  124. Uk ma yesto pani huncha
  125. Loot
  126. बेलायतमा नेपाली विद्यार्थीको आत्महत्या(i
  127. Send to Nepal issue
  128. भोट कसलाई हाल्ने !!! Confused !!!
  129. Comparison of Nepal's and Australia's Health Care System
  130. उपभोक्ता र सामसुङ, यूके कम्पनीको झगडा
  131. Is Dockland college in Peckham suspended?
  132. List of Nepali News and Entertainment Websites
  133. West London College and racism to South Asian students
  134. Survey on impacts of migration on land management in Kaski district, Nepal
  135. Is the word Gori/Gora racist? What do Nepali's think?
  136. Online MA course?
  137. Taking legal action against college for not refunding
  138. uni of hertfordshire
  139. Social entrepreneur - Restaurant with purpose
  140. Happy new year 2015
  141. NCS with The Challenge (useful info for parents & guardians for 15-17year olds)
  142. What Nepali events interest you?
  143. Private Tuition- Anyone with children in year 3,4,5 and 6 or wishing to sit 11+
  144. Overturn the decision to appoint a new NRN president outside the constitution rules.
  145. RE: Nepalese citizenship for Child who born in UK
  146. Naturalisation process
  147. Anyone interested in running the British 10K London Run to raise money for Kidasha?
  148. What is the Cheapest way to call Nepal from a Landline uk?
  149. Pls help . your country need you..
  150. Finding family members following the earthquake in Nepal
  151. Charity Auction: Durbar Square Painting - Money will go to Save The Children Nepal
  152. Please translate this to Nepalese
  153. Barclaycard
  154. Your thought about ROYAL ALBERT HALL PROGRAMME PLS
  155. Studio feature film // casting opportunity for 9-12 years old kids
  156. Here's how two girls from Nepal brought attention to the inequality facing women...
  157. looking for Nepali voiceover artists or actors
  158. make money this christmas...
  159. Re:health care immigration application
  160. Our motherland
  161. In or Out - EU Referendum
  162. The Earth Moved: Surviving the 2015 Nepal Earthquake
  163. Request to help if you can
  164. Educating the minds of Nepalese People
  165. Looking for photographer
  166. नेपालबेलायत सम्बन्धमा विचार विमर्श
  167. Press Release : Music Video from Nepal's 1st Animated Movie
  168. Set (lr) application form
  169. Can I work after my placement finished
  170. Help with learning Nepali please.
  171. NARIC for family visa english requirements
  172. Suwarna mauka.. just got it from someone post
  173. Need help to translate Nepali language to English
  174. Gold Nepal tira
  175. UK economy Collapse
  176. Brexit
  177. Trump or Clinton?
  178. Sending money from Nepal to the UK
  179. Happy New Year 2017 to all.
  180. help in dissertation writing
  181. Reality TV shows money scam
  182. One Satya Ghatna !!!!!!!
  183. Speeding Motorist Alert!!!
  184. Help!! How to send document to Nepal through DHL?
  185. Kathmandu ko mayor
  186. healthrow taxi services?
  187. Nepal Idol ? any comments.
  188. Fully funded masters & phd scholarship offered around the world 2017-2018
  189. Happy dashai to all.
  190. X Gurkha Found dead in his home. Sad news.
  191. First time buyer will get exempted from stamp duty
  192. ATT Qulification Advise
  193. A request for help - Sunny a 7-year-old boy, born in the UK to Nepalese parents
  194. पैसो को कारोबार !!!
  195. भेडा मतदाता !!!
  196. Happie New Year 2018!
  197. Volunteering in Nepal
  198. उखाने बुडो लाई दशैँ।
  199. Refused Naturalisation and travelling to Zimbabwe
  200. Health insurance for parents
  201. Windrush Kanda
  202. Raising funds for the Orphanage Care in Nepal
  203. sending parcel
  204. Hi guys, how is life in UK for you anyway?
  205. Looking to meet Nepali friends!
  206. Nepal currency for sale
  207. Visit visa
  208. Looking for native speaker to help translate documentary
  209. Help with Nepalese memorials / structures
  210. NRN benefit
  211. Travel to Nepal
  212. I'm looking for the name of a Nepali Song
  213. यू.के. मा भरपर्दो रेमिट !!!
  214. Driving in Nepal with a UK driving licence