View Full Version : what do u think about this??

9th December 2007, 19:37
i was just checking out the ticket price for Parsant Tamang's concert.ooops Kanti ALe too!!!It's 18 adv and 22 at door...wow...wow...... ???wat do you guys think about it?do you think its reasonable?

10th December 2007, 12:27
Way too much, I paid 25 to watch A R Rahman live at wembley arena. Every penny worth the show, but prashant for 18? They are kiddin.....

4th January 2008, 18:49
Every star, doesnt matter who they are ...is our asset..we need to value the asset. As long as they feel so and do for the nation. Say David Beckam..He can only play well ..! But we must hate liabelity.

Young Hustle xxx
7th January 2008, 16:50
prasant tamag who is that dude huh kratni ale what the heckk dudeee where my guitar they destroy music..its all about metal mike black,death ,melodic metal its about head bangign...toi mother fookcerr haru they cant even shit play their pant i mean play instrumetns ballyy bho hwo cares 22 pound ko beer khau saman khau bro ani nakali keti haru jau pant kinna phone topp u p garnu tiss .....lay guitar play drums and shit track music...

yo webrsit ko logo--- shit piece of bith track singer marii deiyy hahaa..jai metal