View Full Version : Astrology of David William Donald Cameron

14th May 2010, 16:01
David William Donald Cameron is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party England, born on 9 October 1966, 6 Am London is going to face many trouble .
According to Astrology, At the time of his birth Virgo Ascendant ( Lagna ) was on the rise with Gemini Navamsa and Capricorn Dreskana in the third Pad of Hasta, which indicates that he is a person fond of reading and will be interested in creative pursuits. This should turn out to be profitable. But Retrograte Saturn in Seventh House indicate that it is his intellectual caliber which may land him in trouble. he will criticize and find fault with most of the persons he run into, with the result a good majority of them will become hostile to him. Rahu indicate Some of his friends and servants may try to carry on a campaign against him in public.

14th May 2010, 18:32
In 5 years time, we'll see how true this is. I'm sure this is taken from people that have known or have worked with David Cameron in the past, mostly investigated by trashy newspapers.