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29th May 2008, 11:01
I would like to take this opportunity to congrates you all Nepalese Happy Republic Nepal. PEACE, PROSPERITY AND HUMANITY.

29th May 2008, 13:44

5th June 2008, 15:10
I am not happy either... all the politicians are same, so there is nothing to be proud of. If fact we lost our dignity and history!!

5th June 2008, 15:28
hey sun!!! can you please clarify what are the advantage nepali janta gonna have, with this new republic thingy?

6th June 2008, 17:34
Hope what we think is success, doesn't push us further into darkness...a "Lust For pOwer" can be worst but lets hope for better days ahead.

6th June 2008, 20:32
hi there,
first of all, i agree with the comments from jesnish. yes we certainly lost our dignity and history.
are we aware of being 'remote controlled' by india, especially?

what have we done to be pround of? a financially sound country? a peaceful country without fear and disturbances from neighbour countries? controlled economy at least in some stage of survival?
developing country but for how long just keep having a flag of 'developing'? why not being able to stand as a 'developed' country? ok, talk about natural resources. what do we not have? we all know that but we have been made 'slaves' in our own country by our own leaders. do we deserve it?
a country renowned to have the highest mountain in the world and bravest of all in the name of gurkhas! sorry friends, i do not know what to write else.

look now! so many 'bhaurete' organisations even in the uk trying to be in the front row by giving media releases whole heartedly supporting on the current political development.
where were these bhaurete living when the country needed it during those times of difficulties?

forget everything, the so-called president of nrn uk and its entire members publicly announced via various media last week saying that "we are relieved from 240 years of notorious regime".

sorry mr damdbar ghale and your team that all of you are wrong in announcing that without complete knowledge of the real situation in the country, it's better to keep quite rather than be smarter.

attending various BBQ, drinking wines and beers in the embassy's events won't make anyone big guys. people are there watching everyone.

well, nrn uk, there were only last few years that were difficult for us but you can't blame and include all the previous patriotic kings like prithivi n shah, tribhuwan b shah, mbb shah and birendra b shah...mind your languge, nrn team, and next time and you think b4 you publicly announce something sensitive which might harm others feelings.....

anyway, that's it for now.

10th June 2008, 14:41
Ya totally agree with you Suraj. One crucial question is 'who put Nepal in this condition'?? All those so call politicians!! why Nepali people can't see this?? Why they are ignorning this with their eyes opened? What is wrong with you people?

I am not expert in politic and I don't support anyone. I don't support King, I don't support Congress, Maoist etc and I don't believe that one has to be expert to understand the basic principle of politic. But I am smart enough to understand that; because of these #%£@ing politicians we are in this situation now...

People are celebrating so call 'Replubic' what a &#£%ing joke when a person is beaten and killed (Ram Hari Shrestha) by Maoist but the Maoist leader wouldn't want to go and see Mr Shrestha's family, total ignorance. (Listen to debate and get some idea www.bbc.co.uk/nepali). Fuel price hike atleast 4 times/yr, food price going up day by day I can write a book listing all these unsolved issues!!! hey why don't you blame King and his ancestors? Just because these corrupted politicians are saying!!! use your brain people...

Most of the people are blaming King about what he did to our country. But why people don't understand, when politicians had power they didn fu$£ all for our country!! makes me feel sick of these brainless thick people...

14th June 2008, 13:25

25th June 2008, 10:23
I don’t understand WHY people in Nepal are so happy about NEW NEPAL!!!
All the bloody politicians are inconsiderate are corrupted and there is NO difference in Old or New Nepal.
Welcome to so called NEW NEPAL-
- Oil price gone up
- Transport price gone up
- Food price gone up
- No Jobs
- Pollution, I don’t have to tell you
- Unemployement gone up
- People are desperate to leave country (no control)
- People are fedup with Maoist trying to resolve this issue with other parties
- Nepal Arilines have only one international flight (what a f&%$ing shame)
- Power - don’t be suprise if someone lock you up in the toilet, if minister can do it then why not an ordinary people?
- No security in and outside valley, people are still scared to live their normal life
- People are beaten to death by YCL and Maoist (Ram Hari Shrestha was killed by Maoist and they have taken the responsibility)
- I guess there are now thousands of small parties who have power to shutdown Nepal, chakka jam, haadtal etc. Non of the parties are interested to resolve their issue before they take these action.

AND SO ON………………………………

I am a fedup Nepali guy who still trying to figure out why people are so exicted about NEW NEPAL…!!!!!!!!!!