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30th September 2008, 16:51
Dherai Dherai Khushi ko kura. Aba rules haru pani change hola. Tara khai hami vanja haru BNO/BOC wala haru lai kehi effect huncha ki hundaina? Khai hamro rules chanhi kahile banne ho?

3rd October 2008, 21:15

By BNO/BOC, I take it you mean British National Overseas/British Overseas Citizen. I'm no lawyer, but I don't think this new ruling by the high court will effect any other community directly. If you've been following the case and the news, this case is about equal rights and fixing a rule in the law. It's about ex-Gurkhas attaining equals rights as their other ex-British military counterparts. This includes, equal pensions, and the right to live in the UK as ex-commonwealth military soliders. Also, morally speaking, this case is about highlighting the Gurkhas loyalty to Britain, courage, determination, and the gallantry contribution the Gurkhas have made in military operations over the past 200 years. How can any nation, refuse such men. It's a national shame.

I'm glad this rule is gaining positive momentum because I think there is seriously something fundamentally wrong with the British immigration system. There are people coming to the UK, who are given homes, handouts, are stealing, and intend on cheating the system for personal gain and have no real obligation to be here. Furthermore, the government just lets in people, who probably have no desire to integrate to this country, have no intention of being a law abiding citizen and not willing to pull their own weight to be part of the community and help others. Yet, our Nepali brothers fighting for Britain's freedom and prosperity, Britain a country that you and I are living in right now, gave up everything so that you and I can have choices and opportunities in the UK. This case is a landmark case because it reinforces the message of letting the right people to live in the UK - people wanting to work, follow British values, and be good, helpful, law abiding citizens. I love this guy, he sums it up greatly in his short tea-break : - )

Cheers for Gurkhas

Furthermore, I think us British-Nepali's residing in the UK, alot of us, probably have no connection with the Gurkha community, but share a sense of pride for Gurkhas contribution to the British Army and believe in the Gurkha cause for equal rights, please visit: