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1st October 2008, 15:27
Nepali Student Killed
I am once again deeply saddened, angered, dismayed and grieved with this news that we lost one more friend; I am finding it really hard to express myself. The frequencies of such news have been ever increasing. I find it an utmost urgent that we should spread this word to the younger generation back home that this country is not a bed or roses. If possible convince them to weigh their options around in their own country. Ashok Bhattarai who is the recent victim of this burglary/shoot out is not “no body” but he is a brother of entire Nepali community who are living abroad and trying to make their ends meet. We all arrive here thinking that this is the land of opportunity and it will make us a billionaire one day but see what happened.

Now his dreams are shattered and his parents’ hopes are devasted. What happened with him hurts me and it hurts me the most because I left my country a decade ago with similar hope and dreams and I could very well have been the guy behind that counter. We all know where we come from and how hard it is for us to survive in this foreign country. Let us all pray for him together and hope that such terrible news will never hit our media again. Let’s unite to make us hear. People who have succeeded to come here before our generations and own such places like 711, motels or Gas Stations use these innocent people like Ashok and pay him below minimum wage and get their work done.

Do you think the United States government is unaware of that, should not they do something? Ever worried about illegal immigrants in this country what I believe is that the government should go behind such employers and thoroughly investigate the employer so that they will not hire another new Nepali who lands in this country with hopes to change his life.

I know a lot of debate will spur with this but what if the United States provides student loan for qualified students; just like it does for the permanent resident “Green Card Holder”. I can assure you that if we are allowed to even apply for these Federal loans then we won’t be racking up our credit card bills and hence would rather concentrate on finishing up the schools than trying to work on such cheap risky places. I know most of the people who land in this country have never done any of the work that we end up doing here and we do pick such jobs, not by choice but by compulsion of circumstances.

While the Global economy is still in a mesh don’t you think the international society invests in future of these you people? Also it would be relevant to say that 80% of students who arrive here are already highly educated and any countries that are willing to invest in their future will surely get decent returns.

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