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21st October 2008, 16:41
:o Hi everyone..i need help to choose my dissertation topic.. can anyone help me please.
I am a business student from soton Uni. Please provide me with topics that can cover 15 thousand words.
I have huge interest in Finance.. If you got any orther relevant topic then please post me more information..
Thanks u

22nd October 2008, 21:19
how about credit crunch.... just a small topic related with it, wouldnt that be great when the information is all over the place...

23rd October 2008, 09:21
thanks. i know abt credit crunch.. it gotta b specific n enof details bro... u got any specific sector

23rd October 2008, 20:08

I know it's a long shot you asking here for ideas, but surely, your course tutors, fellow student friends, reading past financial related stories have not inspired some ideas? I'm sure there are loads.

I'm no student of finance, but here are some ideas:

Credit Crunch would be a good, but I imagine you would have to tackle it from an angle that's interesting to readers as opposed to just repeating what's in the public media. If there's a niche that hasn't been touched upon too greatly, then it could go down well. Something I came across was how governments are pumping in so much money into the economy to save banks, yet there are so many poor and hungry people around the world struggling to be financially supported.

Another idea, is say, microcredit - about lending to poor, unemployed entrepreneurs and to others living in poverty who are considered bankable. I think this started out in Bangladesh...interesting to know how it's getting people out of poverty.

Lastly, a book I read recently by Ian Ayres, Super Crunchers, how numbers and statistics is effecting those with the knowledge and expertise to predict shares, peaks and troughs in the economy, gambling, getting rich. etc. Can numbers replace human knowledge and expertise, or will numbers make humans unable to make good educated decisions? Or can they both co-exist to help each other out.

Hope that helps, more ideas are welcome for tuna nepalisamajuk forumers.

Good luck! ;D

23rd October 2008, 22:24
outspoken.. i like ur idea.. its billiant..
this is helping me to think broad.
sweet man.. happy diwali

1st March 2013, 05:31
Hi tuna,
As you know dissertation is very difficult topic me and you can not complete it without taking help of any expert that is why I am suggesting you useful tips for you about dissertation

1st March 2013, 05:32
hi buddies happy diwali to all of you

does any body know something special about dissertation i need your help

actually i am new writer i want some suggestion

your suggestion and ideas will be appreciated thanks in advance

Can any one tell me some tips about affordable dissertation. And please tell me about this is this reasonable or not?

2nd March 2013, 20:18
What is your dissertation on? What subject area?

3rd March 2013, 08:36
* Micro finance
* Retail and Commercial Banking
* Financing in emerging market
* Alternative investment
* Internet Banking
* CSR of Banking Industry
These are the relevant topics for finance tuna