View Full Version : Band Of The Year, Prize on Rupees, why?

16th January 2008, 10:39
Band of the year is a competition taking place in UK, Band entry fee is in Pound Sterling, Tickets are sold in Pound Sterling, so why the hell the prize is in Rupees? Why not say may be 1000? Is it because it would sound and Look too little on the advert. 1 lakh rupees is almost 700 quid which is nothing compare the organisers would make from the sponsors and ticket sales. It is too much of a waste of a time for the band to rehearsea and perform if they are in other full time employment.

I will not be surprised if the organisers hands out a phat Cheque of 1 lakh rupees from one of the bank in Nepal, how the hell they gonna cash it? That will be funny.

Or may be they will quickly go on the internet, get the exchange rate and write the cheque in Sterling.

It would have been so much easier if the prize was allocated on

22nd January 2008, 22:33
Well, personally I don't care about the prize money. It is great that at last there is a good platform for Nepalese bands to come in front of mass and to make name for themselves.

And at least by announcing the One lakh rupees cash prize the organizer has made clear what bands can expect. And of course the organizer have not compelled anybody to take part. But many bands have come forward to take part because it is going to be massive and the financial thing very trivial. And media like Nepali TV has shown its commitment that it will help the band to promote its album.

I think there are plenty of reason for bands to take part in this competition.