View Full Version : Can someone post the links or files of nepali music's sound track only

15th November 2008, 00:38
hey hi does anybody have nepali music's sound track only so that when we gather and make some parties can enjoy singing on those tracks
So i kindly request nepali music lovers to post it

Gainay Dai
Londanay NEPALI

16th November 2008, 15:48
i dont think u can find much nepalese soundtracks over the net.
Why dont u use vocal remover. There are numerous softwares which can somehow remove vocal part from the songs.

software: http://www.wavosaur.com/
tutorial: http://www.jakeludington.com/ask_jake/20070513_remove_vocals_from_mp3_songs.html

software: http://www.acoustica.com/mixcraft/download.htm
tutorial: http://www.acoustica.com/mixcraft/tutorial/how_to_remove_vocals_from_a_song.htm

try these aswell:

16th November 2008, 22:59
well thanks a lot for the information i will deifinately try those software but are those software compatable to mac coz i am a mac user and also if any other friends or brother have such tracks then plz i will be thankful to you.

17th November 2008, 09:02
well, those softwares r for windows based pcs.