View Full Version : Any Nepalese or family living in Swansea?

24th November 2008, 13:04

I am thinking of moving to Swansea, Welsh as the house prices are affordable than the South West of UK. I wonder how it is like there (jobs, community/people etc). Have any of you or someone you know has lived in Swansea or nearby area? Can you share your experience please? I would be comfortable in making my decision once I konw the nitty gritty of this place. Help!

24th November 2008, 14:28
well! to be honest! dont think so. me studuing in cardiff and there are so less nepali family here as well. there are more in newport other place but not in swansa

24th November 2008, 18:19
Swansea is probably not a bad place to live, but personally it's too far our for my travelling needs. Cardiff is a nice city, I'm aware there are Nepali's living there. I've been to Newport, apart from a decent shopping area, it's a depressing place to live.

Bristol and Bath are not bad spots, the Nepali community is growing here, particularly North Bristol, as train commutes from (Bristol Parkway) are good to most major cities and there are large companies and new businesses opening for job opportunties. The area is always developing, a nice affordable part of the UK - a good investment I say e.g. the following are journey durations from Bristol Parkway:

Bristol City Centre ~10mins
Bath ~ 25mins
Cardiff ~ 30mins
Cheltenham ~ 30mins
Birmingham ~ 1hr 15mins
London, Paddington ~ 1hr 30mins


27th November 2008, 23:26
Thanks guys. Welsh seems good when it comes to property prices. Any more feedback on areas such as Newport, Cardiff etc?

14th February 2009, 19:43
Hi there
there may be more then 40 families in around swansea specially llanelli...ther r few doctors engineers but must of them are ex army families..they drive local buses...I know the place very well...people there are very helpful but like to be stright ..houses r very cheap comparing to london...business...depends on what you do...It will be deficult to settled at the begining however it will be ok there and there r many people who like gurkhas,,,,but very far to travel..