View Full Version : Do you prefer to be called 'Nepalese' or 'Nepali'?

24th February 2014, 13:08
Dear Nepal Samaj UK members,

Many thanks to all of you who have helped with my research study looking at the views of Nepali people about mental health difficulties and mental health services in the UK.

I am now writing the project up and wanted to ask, would you prefer that I write about my participants as:

'Nepali people living in the UK'


'Nepalese people living in the UK'?

many thanks for your suggestions.

best wishes,


24th February 2014, 13:52
Well , my experience say Nepalese people living in uk .........and for your kind information I have never heard any Nepalese saying :nepali people living in uk :....,,, and I m mentally fit lol ......though I did work in mental hospital call Gordon hospital in Victoria/pimlico before .....knew about ICU ward, ........hope it helps ....... Thanks proud 2bpakhe

24th February 2014, 16:45
Nepalese is official word so need to follow this.

27th February 2014, 20:50
Nepalese I guess

7th March 2014, 20:45
"Nepalese" in an official capacity, I'm not so sure about that. I think the use of "Nepalese" came from the days of the British Empire, and is fading out in official circles but you may still see reference of it in old papers, documents etc. and I think this is where people are getting their information. Certainly when I was younger (thirty years ago), Nepalese was used to describe people (singular and plural), the language, or of Nepali descent because Nepali's were much more a minority in those days and people just stuck was historically used - even more so now there is no monarchy in Nepal. However, the world has moved on, and Nepali's are becoming prevalent in the West. What has happened is in an official capacity the use of "Nepali" is much more recognised to describe someone of Nepali descent, the language, and anything else Nepali related. The plural for Nepali is Nepali's. In many ways it makes sense, for starters in native Nepali speak, no one says "Nepalese" to describe a Nepali. Also, let's look at an example, where official use of words are important:


7th April 2014, 18:14
Thanks for your comments everyone, it seems that different words are used for different settings - in research papers the word 'Nepalese' is usually used, but as you say in the media often 'Nepali' is used. I just wanted to check out whether people had a strong preference for being called Nepali but from your comments it seems that either is acceptable.

25th April 2014, 16:09
I think people (myself included) are confused on the matter, so you're probably right to make that judgement right now.