View Full Version : Amla travel agency

13th December 2008, 23:05
does anyone know any details of the amla travel agency as i have lost it:(

15th December 2008, 21:42
I've always got my tickets from lastminute.com - very flexible, and I reckon they can beat travel agents any day of the week. I got a return ticket from the end of Oct to end of December for £792, which is preety good for that time of the year.

It would be interesting to know of people's experiences.

What is good about lastminute.com is that it shows you a grid showing of all the different prices for /+ 3 days on the day you want to travel out and the day you want to return. Therefore, you can see if there is a major price difference if you choose another day.

Trust me, sometimes it's the difference between paying £1000+ and £700 - £800.

If anyone has questions, happy to answer.

16th December 2008, 12:00
Having used it for few flights and hotel booking, I would also say Last Minute dot com is a good place to look for. BUT be very careful to read all the small prints. As they give you cheaper offers, most of their offers are non refundable if you have to cancel your trip. Some are even non amendable - either you travel as per booking or you loose money. I had a terrible problem with them when I wanted to change my hotel booking this summer (just by one day) - which was never made in spite of sevaral telephone conversations. Eventually I had to give it up.

16th December 2008, 22:09
Bhaidai, thanks for noting that. I'm generally quite an organised person when it comes to travelling, so the lastminite.com suits someone like me.

However, likewise, if it is your first time with these sorts of sites, do make sure your confident with your purchase.

Again, any questions, happy to help.