View Full Version : tackle your debt in the grip of a debt crisis

11th January 2009, 13:29
in case you hadn't noticed, we're in the grip of a debt crisis.

a key way to beat the trend, is simply to budget.
write down a list of essential things that you need to buy over the next month, and stick to it.

include a small budget for emergency spending because there are always extra essential things to buy (for example, if the washing machine breaks down).
at the end of the month, review your spending, and see how well you kept to your budget. redraft it, and this month include more non-essential items - but only if you see that you have money available.

take a look at this advice:
* think before you spend
* ask yourself, "do i really need this?"
* cut up the credit cards and throw away the catalogues
* do not shop when you are depressed
* seek help in drafting a personal budget - visit your local CAB (www.nacab.org.uk)
* think about saving for a rainy day and for those special treats like a much desired holiday in the
* do not allow yourself to be pressured by your children's whining for new gadgets
* shop around for the cheapest deals.

"remember that your value is not found in your valuables, but in who you are".

12th January 2009, 20:55
Try taking up a hobby or a sport one day in the week. Beats wasting money on beer.