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26th January 2009, 18:46
Have we left Nepal with the right person? Prachanda who slaughtered more than 12 thousand people during the long years of civil wars.
Before that! King Gyanandra who was accused of having slaughtered his brothers, sister, blah blah . wiping up almost entire royal family. O yEs! Girija! Who is just greedy As pig ! Our country needs us! I am glad though I am in UK where I can openly write what I want! !! However, I am going back to Nepal After my graduation soon. AnyOne With me! !!!!
All Nepalese Must Know This Please Forward
Prachanda's family
1. Samir Dahal (Under-secretary of PM's office), son of Prachanda's younger brother Narayan Dahal
2. Ganga Dahal (Officer of PM's office), Prachanda's younger daughter (Indian citizen)
3. Gangaram Dahal (un-appointed foreign relations officer), Prachanda's own brother
4. Renu Pathak (CA member), Prachanda's daughter
5. Arjun Pathak (Officer of CA), Prachanda's son-in-law
6. Prakash Dahal (Prime Minister's PA/accountant), Prachanda's son, salary equal to the under-secretary
7. Narayan Dahal (CA member), Prachanda's nephew
8. Thakur Bhatta (Prachanda's brother-in-law)
9. Another son-in-law (contractor of Chitwan Cantonment)

Baburam's relatives
1. Hisila Yami (Tourist Minister), Baburam's wife
2. Taranaj Pandey (PM's adviser), Baburam's nephew
3. Praya Yami (National Planning Commission), Hisila's older sister
4. Timila Yami (Chairperson of Drinking Water Project), Hisila's older sister
5. Chirik Shova (member of Kathmandu Drinking Water), Baburam's older sister
6. Baburam's younger brother (Tariff -fixing Committee), Head of Kathmandu Drinking water.
7. C. P. Gajurel's first cousin, Head of Land Reform Commission.

26th January 2009, 22:13
The word your looking for is nepotism - favoritism shown or patronage granted to relatives, as in business.

Source: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/nepotism

That is absolutely pathetic. Do we know if these people are even qualified to take on such positions? A government is supposed to be fair, loyal and honour diversity. I just hate these politicians at the top honouring posts for their relatives who probably have no interest in working for the people of Nepal. Provide me evidence, these people have the experience to take such posts and I will excuse them. Until then, they are just lightweights and shouldn't be there. What's even worse is the relatives that accept the posts knowing someone else out there is more qualified and experienced to take on the job and therefore denying someone more appropriate the chance to develop and reach their potential.

I say start an Apprentice style reality show in Nepal and get these jobs filled by those that prove themselves...

...it would make great TV and provide Nepal with great leaders too. :D

17th April 2009, 18:13
it's good to know about family business in nepalese plitics and I also like to know more about girija's ,madhav nepal's family details too. thanx bro

21st April 2009, 19:56
It's certainly good to know and make public, but it's not good to know that this practice is continuing to happen. This should be reported to the HR division of the Nepalese Government.