View Full Version : Re: 59th National Democracy Day Celebration in Embassy of Nepal

10th March 2009, 23:43
Like most of us who visit this website, every now and again I take a look at the photo's. It's good to see our community taking the time to meet and enjoy themselves from time to time. However, it just occured to me, there are photo's of some event's I see on this website, and I just wonder, what is the point of these events? It just looks like people are going around forming an event for the sake of forming event and not really actually doing anything.

Take for example, this event, "59th National Democracy Day Celebration in Embassy of Nepal", I'm not trying to be patronizing here, just purely curious and would like some kind soul to explain, but what is the point of this event? When visitors come and look at the site, how are they supposed to know what the purpose of the event is? All I see are middle-aged, thinking they look important. Perhaps a common theme at every Nepali event. What are they actually doing? How does their existence at this event, contribute to democracy to Nepali's living in Nepal over 4000 miles away.

This event existed for a reason, so no trick question. Just looking for a genuine response. No wooly answers please.


P.S. I just want to point out, I don't go to these events, mainly because I currently have no reason to, so please forgive my ignorance.