View Full Version : Deusi Bhailo ko Paisa () kaha gayo?

4th December 2007, 12:46
I was wondering about the money collected from deusi bhailo programme. Where is it gone? I thought it will be going to some sort of charity in Nepal.

कि आफ्नै पेट पूजा भयो रक्सी र मासुले?

Anyway that was a good evening. I have a video on that, Admin, please, can you tell me how to post the video?

Young Hustle xxx
7th January 2008, 16:52
bro ho hou haha paise kaha gayoo gayoo beer ma masu ma ra pet ma nepal ma money send garnecy psycho bhayoo aha corrucption cannot even let 10 % to reach theire jo ball houuu pasi ediinu gariiba lai aafnu hatt ley charitsy is suxkes mothe rfooker..nepal bikas garnu cha ta help directly no indirectly

14th January 2008, 13:00
Hustle bro, that does not make any sense, either write in नेपाली or write in English. It looks like you were on drugs while writing this post.

17th January 2008, 21:38
hellow narayanbdr,
good issue but there are few deusi-bhailos played in the uk this year and by the way, which team exactly are you mentioning about?

7th March 2008, 15:40
Lets not mention any name but the group came to my house to play deusi said that they will be donating the money to charity in Nepal.