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17th February 2008, 12:16
UK stops issuing visas in Ktm


KATHMANDU, Feb 15 - The British embassy will no longer issue visas in Kathmandu to Nepalis. Instead, Nepali visa aspirants will have to wait longer as the UK has decided to issue the visas from New Delhi.

According to Mitra Pariyar, political officer at the embassy, the British High Commission in New Delhi will decide whether or not to issue visas to Nepalis seeking entry into the UK, effective from Monday.

"British Ambassador to Nepal Dr Andrew Hall conveyed the UK government's new decision to Foreign Secretary Gyan Chandra Acharya on Friday," he said.

When asked about the reason, Pariyar said that the decision was taken as per the UK government's new policy under a Global Project. "As per this policy, the UK government has set a plan to issue visas from selected regional posts across the world by 2011 AD," he said.

Though it may not be as quick a service as is now delivered from Kathmandu the strategy of the UK government is to deliver quality services at low cost, he added.

Following the decision, Nepalis seeking UK visas will not have to face visa interviews nor will they have to visit New Delhi. "There will be normal requirements for the application process," he said, further adding, "VFS Global, an officially authorized agency in Kathmandu, collects the documents and sends them directly to New Delhi for further decision."

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17th February 2008, 13:41
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