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15th June 2009, 23:47
Did anyone watch this little drama piece on BBC 1 called 'Moving On'? If you haven't, it is available on BBC iplayer for the 7 few days either on www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer or if you have Sky or Virgin Media, BBC iplayer is available through there as well.

I just caught the programme by accident when I overheard the TV say "He's Nepalese" (I think most of us have that instinct when we hear Nepali's nearby..lol), and without spoiling it too much it's partly about a retired Gurkha soldier and the unfair treatment he receives in society, and in parallel a story about this widow who falls for the retired Gurkha soldier and their relationship with the widow's family.

Its nice to know Gurkhas are being recognised in the mainstream of British Life, not just on the news, but also in other areas of British life too. Wa hoo BBC.

This is just the beginning, "Ayo Gorkhali: The Movie" - you heard that rumour here first at NepaliSamajUK. I hope Steven Spielberg or George Lucas read this forum.


17th June 2009, 16:35
Thanks for the link. I watched it and it's interesting, I like the moment when Gurkha cut the employers tie with Khukari.

17th June 2009, 18:42
Yes, that was a good bit, and also when he explained to the lady what was in the pot, "They're momo's"