View Full Version : Three Nepalis jailed in UK for manslaughter, violent disorder

12th July 2009, 20:44
Three Nepali youths have been jailed in the UK for beating a man and throwing him in the River Thames, reports say.

Bishal Gurung, 23, a waiter from Esher in Surrey, was attacked at Victoria Embankment, central London, last year. His decomposed body was recovered two weeks later from the river.

Rocky Gurung and Kemik Thakali, both 21 and from Morden, Surrey, have been sentenced a three-year jail-term each for Bishal’s manslaughter, at the Old Bailey.

Their accomplice Missan Gurung, 23, from Abbey Wood, south-east London, has been jailed for nine months for violent disorder.

The court heard Bishal had been celebrating Nepalese New Year with friends at the moored Yacht Club boat on 13 April 2008. After he left the party he was chased and attacked by the trio, who mistakenly believed he had assaulted one of their friends.

Bishal’s body was recovered from the Thames two weeks later. A post-mortem examination found that he died from immersion in water. Rocky Gurung has also been sentenced to one year in prison for violent disorder, to run concurrently with his three-year. nepalnews.com


12th July 2009, 23:04
3 years for someone's life...! Bloody ridiculous. At least 10 years to life in prison. These people should be made examples of why fighting and inflicting harm doesn't solve anything! - It just lands you in prison.

It's sad, a man, a fellow Nepalese man has to die in the process, but I hope particularly the younger generation learn to be more civil and respectful towards others, and not try and create hostility for stupid reasons like for their own 'street cred' or because "Look at me, you should respect me, I can beat people up". It's such a waste of time.

Next time you're out, think about Bishal Gurung R.I.P bro.


19th July 2009, 15:31
so sad news about gorkhas youth!!

20th July 2009, 10:30
Its really sad to hear this bad news and my sincere condolences goes out to late Bishal's family. However, I suspect very much and this may be the begining. Given the behavious of our nepalese youths I am sure there will be many more whose fate may follow that of Bishal's. A late Bishal's untimely death is not only loss to his family, moreover it bismarches entire Nepalese community in the UK which is more worrying. There is a lesson to be learnt for all of us from this tragic a loss of life, specially to our youths. The UK is one of the best countries in the world, there are so much opportunities for us which we do not have back in our country, so why not make most of these opportunaties rather than killing your own people, engaging into all sorts of shits and giving other good Nepalese a bad name. Stop behaving like scum bag or else pack up your bags and go back where you come from.