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5th October 2009, 04:32
Answer in 5 mins...

What is the population (roughly) of nepalis in uk (including soldiers)?
What places do most nepalis people live in?
Do nepalis prefer east or west uk?
Best place to live in UK considering nepali community, schooling, housing, social activity etc.?

Thanks in advance for your time!

5th October 2009, 22:02
- I don't think our current government even knows that question approxiamately, but I've been often quoted about 100,000 [1].

- Areas that come to my mind: Plumstead/Woolwich/Greenwich area, Camden, Greenford, Euston, Hanwell, Hayes and Harlington, Farnborough, Aldershot, Folkstone, Brecon - Wales. I'm sure there are others.

- To my anedotal knowledge, Nepali's generally still reside in the South East of the UK, mainly as most live in the capital, and the ex-Gurkha community. Let's not forget, Nepalese communities are growing in all major cities in the UK.

- Personally speaking, I don't base where I live because there is a Nepalese community in the city. So I couldn't really answer this question. It's not that I have anything against my own people, but I think as residents in UK, we should just learn to get along with everyone wherever we reside in the UK, whether there is a Nepalese community or not.


[1] Europe Ko NepaliPatra - www.nepalipatra.net/new/uploads/nepali_patra_presentation.ppt

23rd October 2009, 09:10
Nepali are everywhere in London and these rip off colleges are on every single corner of London. So all genuine student should join proper University and be prepare to fund their Living and Fee without engaging on any jobs.

24th October 2009, 19:21
narayanbdr - I agree, these colleges are just making a few people rich and the students poorer. Join a real institution.