View Full Version : Is 'Plus Two' to in Nepal equivalent to 'A level' in the UK

7th October 2009, 20:47
Hi there,

I am just wondering if 'Plus Two' (passed) in Nepal in equivalent to 'A level' in the UK. A college in London is saying that it is not equivalent and asked me to do access course (extra money) which is equivalent to A leavel, and then after passing that I can finally do my degree.
If it is equivalent then could you please direct me where it says so? I couldn't find anything on British Council website!

Many thanks for your help in advance.


7th October 2009, 21:45
well plus 2 pass in nepal lai A levels ko equivalent bhanna sakkincha but yea u need
to do a access course leading to undergraduate course. maile ni access course
garnu pareko thyo when i came to london. nepal ko padhaune tarika ra yehan ko university
ko standard farak huncha... tyo access ma you will learn all those things.
some college like LCA allows you to do degree course directly if you show that
you have done 1st yr degree in nepal... i hope this helps u...

8th October 2009, 08:37
Thanks for your help, this is for my sister actually, and I am going to process her in LCA itself. She is already doing her degree in Nepal but I don't think she has managed to passed yet. Will it work if you show that she is studying degree in Nepal but have couple of back paper?