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26th October 2009, 15:15
londen college of eng. & managment ko barema paper ma padheko . what is the situation ?

26th October 2009, 20:41
Guys, this college is "blacklisted" by the Homeoffice. If I were you, I would go there get the refund and enrol in different college for January 2010. I have heard that this college is hesitating to refund the money back to the students. You guys should get together and get all your refund and apply in a decent college. Don't be scared guys, it's not your fault that this college is "blacklisted", you have every right to get your money back!!!

Good luck


27th October 2009, 22:00
hi friends,
ke hunddaichha ho yo london maa aba!!!


28th October 2009, 21:19
Can you get some advise form the Nepali Embassy in London? They are there to help Nepalese people here, you should definitely consult with them. You still have chance to enrol for January 2010 in the different college/uni but be very very careful!


29th October 2009, 08:17
hahhaa, guys,, Is this college belongs to Mr regmi lol partnership lol

guys,, yar,, most of the colleges will be blacklisted in future within another 1 yr,,,
so becareful
n about refun,,, **** nepalese embassy bro, they do nothing about it
so better u go there get the one who is owner of tht college,,, I think there r more then 5 nepalese partnership lol
so without dhamki,,,, nothing will happen,
2,,, dekhi 3 jana ko ,, nam nepal ko ghar kata ho ,, patta lagau,, ani

bhana,,,, R u going to refund money,, or u want some special service lol

yo mula harulai, dhamki nadikana fee refund hudaina

by the way , there is . ;Dbatho law, once the college is blacklisted,, they will show as a bankrupt,,, n all fee will be collapse,

so guys,

31st October 2009, 13:44
Thats why I am concerned about these students. This college can go to 'Administration' any time, as a result all money taken from the student will be in their bank accounts and big bungalows in Nepal and the UK. Are you sure Mr. Regmi is also a partner of this college? I don't think threatening them is a good idea but the student should definitely seeks some advise (police, British council, international student helpline etc) before it's too late.


1st November 2009, 09:50
yes jenish uncle,,,, As far as i know there 3 7 to 10 partners in tht college ::)

About Mr REGMi,, lol he is one of them
but which regmi u talking about

I don;t think this british government can do anything , lol
infact they don;t care about foreign student now

so all international nepalese students be careful,,,, about those fake colleges lol ;D

2nd November 2009, 21:21
Agree with Jenish, these colleges are there to mainly profiteer, and it's not what delivering or receiving education is about. If I had it my way, I would shut them all down. Sadly, the majority ruin it for the minority of excellent colleges out there. Choose an establishment carefully and just simply avoid any scrupulous colleges, of which most of them are.

3rd November 2009, 07:34
simply avoid any scrupulous colleges

Lau k bhanya yesto. Scrupulous means one who is very careful about law and follow it strictly. Aba tyasto college ta avoid garnu bhaena ni.

4th November 2009, 19:44
simply avoid any scrupulous colleges

Lau k bhanya yesto. Scrupulous means one who is very careful about law and follow it strictly. Aba tyasto college ta avoid garnu bhaena ni.
Sorry, I mean to say unscrupulous. So I rephrase, yes, stay away from unscrupulous colleges ; - )