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13th November 2009, 10:57
I think the person behind this website is taking his frustrations over Nepal to the extreme. I think there are better and more constructive ways at expressing your anger. This website does not achieve anything except more frustration and negativity.


Please, no comments that stoop to the level of that website. Think solutions to problems, not problems to solutions.



13th November 2009, 18:58
;D AS FAR AS I KNOW,,,, n feel
ONLY INDIA HATE NEPAL ,,, may be argentina too lol

I don;t think rest of the world n people hate nepal

we r the only country which is independent,,, infact we don;t celebrate any independence day lol



13th November 2009, 21:06
he whoeve is behind this website, he should be banned...

13th November 2009, 22:55
Harsh it may sound but I don't think we are the most liked people in the world. Nowadays any foreigners who go to nepal comes out with some bad experience with lawlessness, chanda usuli, banda, chakkajam.

The way we are being lawless in nepal without any concern to other people we might soon be regarded as animals. I can't believe how nepalese have become so inconsiderate to other people.

If you happen to watch this video it is quite clear that it would not take much time for the world people to dislike us.


14th November 2009, 00:34
I am very sad to tell this but Mr Knight is right. Its happened so many time. Year ago a japanese students for foreign exchange tour came to Nepal and you know what, a young japanese girl was sexually assulted in airport by some khatay boys. I hate them so much. They grew up to be nothing but politician chumchas. Someday Im gonna kill them and clean sweap the land of those vermin infestation. Recent year a guide suppose to look after the tourist rape one japanese women in tato pani, news was on headline in newspaper. A group of boys try to sexually assulted three young french women and guess what, they were kicked so hard by other french boys who were on the scene. I actually admire them for such action. I actually hooted for them. It wrong to judge someone badly but I am not sorry, I just hate them in sight. This one time I was going to my college and I enter the micro bus with my friends and this khatay made us stand so tight and he actually stand behind my friend back and well.......... just guess. My friend scream so much. We stop the bus and when she mentioned it to other passenger they all came out and beat him to pulp. Chor sala, he was still trying to assult my friend so I picked a stone and slam it to his stomach. He ran away. Driver apologize to us and passenger and he told us that khatay was new conductor so he didnt knew him much. I must apologize to you all for using such rude word but they make me sick.

But now I have brought a bike so we have two in our group, we ride bike safely. I dont wanna ride those bus ever again.

14th November 2009, 00:44
One more thing, I have gone through this nepal hating guy website. He can actually degrade our country relation with others. I dont know you guys but I think he is genius in this act. If anyone can do anything about this please try to do something. Wish I could get my kick on his butt. But seriously guys this thing will really ruin our country last remaning hope.

For my part I will try to find out why he hate Nepal in first place. rest you can do.

14th November 2009, 00:55
Oh my gush, guys do you know the website owner is she. :) oh god she must be really in pain or society must have done something to her really bad. No one talk so deeply with hate then girls, I know cosz I talk just like her about things I hate. Okay I will continue to research on her.

14th November 2009, 01:03
hahaha ;D arko khatay chor tara educated lay pani support gardo raheycha tyo KT lie. Hahahahaha guys you all must really read the first comment this girl recieve after creating this site. First commenter was actually telling truth, he mentioned that tourist came here and see shit which they dont see at there place ahahahaha but did he know that tourist actually came here to see that ahahaha ;D

I am really serious guy. Actually I asked some of them "why do you want to come to our country where shit(not exactly I mentioned shit but something similar) are here and there?" and one of them told me" that the very thing we cant find in our country so we came here, beside who want to travel thousand of miles to see things that already in your part."

14th November 2009, 22:43
Hey guyes i know why the other hate the other country because they do have greedy jelousy with the particular country. :P

Anyway those who hate other country have to see how you guy doing things good in your locality.


15th November 2009, 01:32

I don;t care,, may be she has been betrayed with nepalese guy lol
tht;s why
she hate nepal

BUT as much as u hate,, tht much u love, so better to love ,, our country

nepal nepal nepal, hamro nepal hami sabai nepali lai pyaro lagcha


16th November 2009, 10:58
Well done people, prove the website wrong, make Nepal a better place : - )

17th November 2009, 16:02
So many people are frustrated about there life, what to do? what is possible? which is the right ways? Things like that. However, it is unfair and unjust to blame Nepal for reason like that. Nepalese are suffering all around the world, yet they still trying there hard to survive. Not everyone is born famous or lucky to be billion dollar man.

To blame Nepal is to blame yourself, like spitting in your face looking at the mirror.

Did Namrata shrestha or Puja lama just open this site or what? Seem to me like that.

If indian are behind this, I will let china worried about that

Poor poor my country, she never done anything wrong but witness the cruelty of human nature. And you bitches and khatay blame her, maybe blame us but not our land.

We will get you back for this :(

23rd November 2009, 14:11
he whoeve is behind this website, he should be banned...

Im working on it!!!

1st December 2009, 10:48
Don't really hate nepal., but dont like the attitude of some nepali newcomers 'london bridge picture takers'
If you soo educated and rich, why do you come here to look for a paper round or pizza leaflet delivery job, while not learning english and stay closed off and staying with other newly arrived 'london bridge picture takers' and staying in your rented rooms! get a life! Oh I don't care how rich your family are in nepal

1st December 2009, 10:52
I'm working on it too! making nepal a better place ' fill in the blanks ' I am going to study in Oz/USA/Uk/Canada gonna work part time call my sweet heart to join me in this rented room! and we gonna eat momo and call the other newcomers and buy clothes from primark, Oh and I might colour my hair because I'm cool, I have a G-lass of coke and Go to ESH-ool and eat dhal bhat and call you over