View Full Version : Sacrificing animals - killing or just survival of the fittest?

20th November 2009, 05:56
Interesting article today...

Bardot appeal over animal slaughter at Nepal festival

I have to admit, I've never really considered seriously of animal's being sacrified in religious affairs as killing. I presume it's mainly goats that get sacrificed. But makes you think, it maybe classified as killing, but then humans are carnivorey meat eating beasts, what about sheeps, buffalos, chickens, isn't killing them whilst their in good health (or alot of cases bad health) wrong as well?

No different than slaughtering in my opinion.

20th November 2009, 08:16
Ms Bardot is animal rights activist.
What do you think she is veggie or meat-eater???

21st November 2009, 19:26
Oh god!!! you know little buddha Bumzan, he warned if this animals are sacrifice, a most horrible trouble will fall on us. And nobody listened to him, and he left everyone. And now this. Mr president Yadav must do something else.

I always hated meat, even in hindu Lord khrishna mentioned that to see me in every life and non living is religion. And now in the name of god, they are being slaughtering.

Cant we do anything outspoken?
Wish I could protest with banner but that will only make me 1 person versus whole Nepalese, not to mentioned my dad too.

This is not good not good at all
WHole world gonna think us as animals and savages now, first muslim for being terrorist and second now us for being meatball lover. This is going to make a huge fuzz in global scale.

Guys cant we do something? :(

21st November 2009, 23:01
The question is not about eating meat or not. The question is killing animal without proper justification in large number.

Take an example of Dashain. Many goats are killed. People eat meat every day whether they like or not. It is just that they have to eat meat rather than they want to eat it. They will keep it in freezer and eat for 4-5 days. May be in 4-5 days quality of meat will go down but it wont matter.

Is it mandatory that you kill a goat in your house and eat it for days? Why not buy it from somewhere that is just sufficient for you. Nobody is asking people to be vegetarian. But unjustful killing of hundreds of thousands of animals in dashain should be stopped.

one goat can easily be good enough for 4-5 families. But it is almost a culture that you have to have several types of food and meat every day.

And regarding this gadi mai mela. I was shocked to hear that hundreds of thousands of animals are sacrified in the name of Gadi mai??

Even though i am hindu , there are certain expect of hinduism that i absolutely abhor. Like we always celebrate killings. Ram killed rawan, somebody killed somebody, godess killed bhasmashur.......and so forth. No matter how good or bad rawan was, after all he has been killed. I like festival but i personally dont' celbrate it because ram killed rawan. It just doesn't make any sense to me.
And I salute this french actress for rasing this issue particularly in gadi mai mela.

1st December 2009, 09:37
Thanks for your responses guys, interesting to know everyones perspective.

Traditions die hard I guess.