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14th December 2009, 10:44
How ridiculous is the idea of states within states in Nepal, back to the middle ages again, I wonder who'll be the Prithi Narayan Shah of the 21st century and why the heck are the Maoists declaring these states, is this what the people of Nepal want?

Do your stuff kapa : - ) (honestly, I am very interested to know the politics behind this)


14th December 2009, 18:41
;Doutspoken, morning

**** nepalese politics n politician,, , it will never be new nepal,, whoever come its same,,,,, so just comment here, lol
Nothing is gonna change ;D

14th December 2009, 20:20

Can you please translate these Nepalese lines to English?

"Bahini ko bihe garna janchhu vanthyo teti ho? Kashi mama tesle aafu pani bihe garna lagyo ki kya ho? "

"ho ni ...tyasko ni ...lagvag hpla hpla jasto chha ..kyaaa...KFC pizza hot maa dating ...then further process."

Many thanks

15th December 2009, 00:02
Itís kind of nice to feel belong to government or rather I say finally we are considered to be people of Nepal. Well yes in a way I loved it very much. Otherwise it was always a people government and never ours. Nobody can blame jhanjati for what happened now or day after today. Because in a first place this all things wouldn't have happened if jhanjati were consider a people of Nepal. For example once a great meeting was held and all richest country of the world was invited at that meeting on November 1930AD. And what happened was Japan was not invited. So the present Monarchy of that time, king of Japan said ďI tasted the bitterness of being uneducated and being poor Nation. So Japanese Royal family sends 20 of each brightest and brilliant student to study in USA, France, UK and Russia according to their faculty. They all proved to be gifted student and they came back to Japan after their study was over. Well you can guess then, they build airplanes and used it against USA an allies during Second World War. That was the achievements and dedication of their government and people toward country that developed Japan into present day, one of the richest countries in the world. And let go back to our forefather history of same timeline. My great grandfather actually ran away to kashi, India to study after rana tried to cut his hand for reading. My great grandfather wrote his first book of life time named"Bhuaechalo ko sawai" and for that treason which rana and his people consider to be act of treason, he ran away. So government people were only allowed to study at that time when jhanjati were considered only fit for slavery and potter. They were actually used to be cutting of hands if they dare to read or write. So for that much love they gave our ancestors or we say now jhanjti people, we dare say itís completely, morally and with every rights (not to mentioned that United nation, Human rights support the claim of natives of their nation to be law, same case happened in Australia with their natives too, you can search in Google) I will say I welcome that decision from Maoist or any establishments. This is the outcome of their own action that lasted for so many centuries, if only we had been given equal chances and rights, this day would have never come to pass. I wonít remorse nor shall any jhanjati people will for such decision. Itís for them and their government to remorse for how there forefather tried to enslave our people and still bold enough to try that. Tomorrow Mr. Prachanda will declare newa rajya to Kathmandu and Tamu state respectively.
My Newari friends were very happy about tomorrow events and they even invited every other jhanjati for that historical day. I knew this day was coming. When Newari people will take over every administration within Valley. I saw that differences that about to come. Above all Newa Samaj is considered to be the boldest and most active aggressive party within jhanjati samaj. And talking of which, it comes to that point when a balloon is filled with gas constantly and there is no way out, it just burst apart and damage everything. Well that might happened now. Only time will tell.
In a way we asked for state to focus our self and jhanjati people that we are something too, that we have rights too, and that we are citizen too. Not to start another civil war. And I hope jhanjati samaj leaders understand that intention and carried out duties as public servant not tyrant leaders. If that comes to it, indeed this is the darkest moment we might have to face.
If everything goes well after this, indeed this is what I call ďJUSTICEĒ

15th December 2009, 01:23
There many things I want OUTSPOKEN,
That I consider doing in my life time and one of them is to become first queen of Nepal, yes I want to start new royal family, my own dynasty afterward. Iím going to take every land Indian government occupied or taken from us in past and remodel new Nepal into greater Nepal once it used to be. I will make good relation with Chinese government and asked nicely to hand over Tibet to Dalai Lama and afterward I will humbly request His lordship Dalai Lama to join Tibet with Nepal as part of it. But he will be still the king of Tibet, more like state leader, and then Nepal will be greater than before. If Indian government declares war against me which I know they will, I will crush them to dust with help of my secret allies and rule them too. More for us. My first royal degree will be to arrest every political leaders of country and sentence them to jail for life or worst. Every men who are getting political protection including criminals, charlies soveraj that ******* and almost all criminal who killed little girls and boys after kidnapping, I wonít give them life sentence to jail, its not worth that, they will sentence to death. I will get rid of every prison empty. Nepal will be women priority country not man handles anymore but equal rights both sex of course. Every crime that of corruption, rape, child kidnapping, human trafficking, and illegal hunting of innocent animals, murders, or treason will be death sentence no court appearing, not at all. I will follow the same example as the japans royal family contributes to development of Japan. And if chosen candidate students which I will send to aboard to study just like those Japanese students after successful completion of their study didnít return to Nepal to help my country, I will hunt them down myself. I want to meet her majesty the queen Elizabeth II someday in person, I admire her the most and ex prime minister tony Blair as well. There will be freedom but not liberty or else more like Namrata shrestha will born in every family and son like that tantric(what in the world name is that anyway?!!). One rotten potato damage other nice one, well Iím not going to take that chances, if women make mistake and crime they will be judge same as any other criminals in my eye. I wonít promise to my people the way those political leaders used to, but make sure their voices reach my ear all the time. More important now is that around 100 Nepalese political leaders are going to Copenhagen for climate change conference and really rich and developed country like USA and UK, Japan only sending 5 or 4 representative, now you all know what problem with it, isnít it? Itís a most dishonored and disrespect and even more disgusting way to show how much corruption going on here. Why in the world ministry of sport or culture or security or unemployment or without no department going there for? Pleasssssssee donít make me laugh. This was all over news yesterday. So what I will do is completely hunt those corrupted minister and replace them with better one. I think my first 3 or 5 year will be very tough time for me as I will be hunting them down and trying to save myself from assassination. But by god name I will get rid of them faster then they will think of assassinating me. I will be sole master and I will have no other master well except my parent and my lord Shiva and Parvati.
No man will ever have power over me, oh!! Sorry except my dad and lord Shiva. :D Hehehe

15th December 2009, 01:30
I sound like mad person isnít it? Well you all have seen already how bright and promising mind people run Nepal? Maybe itís time mad person should give a chance as well.

15th December 2009, 01:40
There nothing politics behind this OUTSPOKEN. Itís simple, shepherds have returned to look over his sheep and land.

15th December 2009, 01:44
And save it from hungry wolf.

16th December 2009, 12:56
I have much to say, but I'm liking your thinking, more later ; - )

For now I would just say, I don't agree having autonomous regions is the long term answer. I'm sure it feels empowering for the so called 'jhanjati' population to have autonomous regions, but all this provides is the power for communities to apply equal rights amongst their own community, how does this contribute equal rights in wider Nepal? You still need a central government of Nepal of some form to exercise equal rights amongst it's population. I just fear in the long term, is it will create further disconnection and subsequent rift. It's evident in the dispora Nepali community in foreign countries, in general, they still socialise in their own communities, and create their own samaj's and etc, which is receiving an increasing negative response amongst the wider community. It just goes to show, as a nation, we're still caste centric and these samaj's are just an excuse to express that, without actually admitting it.

Whether we like it or not, the world is a full of different people and complex beings.

I'm all for equal rights and integration.

P.S. Perhaps, you should go out there and live out your dreams, than the millions of us who don't have the guts to do something about these problems other than just sit at the keyboard thinking someone will read our advice and implement them : - )

16th December 2009, 13:04

I guess what I mean by the politics is, can the Maoists just go ahead and implement this? Who's approving this? Who's drawing the borders? Was there a vote in parliament in favour of this? Seems all too superficial to me.


16th December 2009, 15:34
Yes sometime I thought about it, what if Maoist are using jhanjati as weapon, some of us do believe that as well. And some even confirmed it. But what is right or wrong is hidden from my sight. One part of me decides to against it and another part wants to own it. My guess is we are still being manipulated but at least this time we can speak for our self rather than chained by government and there people. I rather died as free person then live as a slave until the old ages claim me. Let history be witness. For now we all seem to agree that this is a change, and that what we needed. I wish my hope donít turn out to be wrong.
Even if you are just behind monitor and keyboard you can still contribute to country. Find your way. As for me I will definitely do something.
Always loved your opinion outspoken

8th February 2010, 12:59
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:o :o :o :o :o I was utterly astounded by this comment. Wow, what have we done to deserve such a backlash??? When our own so called fellow Nepalese don't respect us, how can Gurkhalis expect equality and fairness from British government. I don't want to abuse this guy and stoop as low as him.
Now i got to know why indigenous mongolian people are demanding autonomous region. Henceforth, I also want Nepal to be formally declared as a federal republic and next time when i set foot in my neglected village i want it to be recognized as a "Magarat Autonomous Region". I also want that corrupt CDO and other worthless government officials who don't move their lousy hands without robbing hard earned cash from my innocent, straightforward, honest and poor people to be kicked out. (I am fed with their blabbering mouths, hideous faces, their patronizing ways and treating my sojha-sajha people like dirts).
I also urge Magar people from my village (esp. Rolpa and Rukum) and other indigenous communities like Tharu,Tamang, Gurung, Rai, etc as well as dalits to cease being a mere pawn in the clutch of the so called higher caste cunning and deceitful politicians. I appeal Mr. Madav Kumar Nepal and his jumbo entourage to clean their ear canals (I can gift u imported ear buds from London for free as u tend to believe in the art of receiving only and not giving except ur never ending bhasans) and get serious about Janajatis' demands once & for all instead of dilly dallying (Hope u are sensible enough to know that action speaks louder than words). We are tired of being duped by ur rhetoric, now we want some concrete results......................................Are u listening Mr. Pushpa Kamal Dahal?

8th February 2010, 20:56
I dont' want federal states. I don't care if nepal is republic or not but as far as federalism is concerned it is no no to nepal. Whats wrong with the 14 zones we already have. If they wan't why not just change that 14 zones to 14 states.

As I see those 14 zones have been very sensibly divided compared to what these politicians are doing. Don't make states because it will make politicians to play their dirty politics. Neplese are not educated enough to know they are being used.

I am against federalism be it in the name of cast , race religion or even without cast or race. Because dividing nepal into state will actually divide nepalese. Just look at the size of nepal. Whole nepal is 3 times smaller than size of US state of Texas. Why do they still want to divide nepal into pieces.

I specially blame maoist leaders for starting this cast and relgioin based politics. They are playing POLITICS OF HATRED. I can't believe how much they have instilled hatred against certain group of people like Bahun and chetris. Now they are playing politics of hatred against Indian. Stamping on indian flag in the public event is one of such example. He wants nepalese and indian people to hate each other.

I know we have dispute against indian government and we should solve it bilaterally or multilaterally. But it will be wrong to put hatred in the mind of people. It will help nobody.

I like some of the ideas that maoist want but their execution is rubbish. It will do more harm to nepal than good. Many of their follower are uneducated, ignorant .........and of course Brainwashed from the age of 10 (just watch sajha sawal of this week.....some of the comment made by disqualified PLA proves that). For them whatever Prachanda thinks is write. They have lost their way of critical thinking . After being disqualified they still want to join YCL even when UN promised them free eduction in colleges or universities or help for starting business.