View Full Version : Do not organize party @ Bless Bar, West Ealing

5th January 2010, 01:29
In the event of Christmas and New Year, there were more than dozens of parties around the UK and were running successful but due to some irresponsible people they spoiled the party. We can see every dance parties there are fight and violence. People come to dance party to see old friends n relax. Parties are done specially for young generations and music lovers. But nowadays parties are done in commercial purpose and its in good profit as well. We are not discouraging the party organizer but just to remind them about handling the guest. They should able to give as much as entertainment to all the party lovers and able to control the crowed from violence.

All party organizers are not after commercial, there are some organisers who wants to entertain themselves and wants to entertain others but due to some wicked club owners that creates violence among each other. Recently in New Year day there was a party at Bless bar, Ealing, London. According to the contract (organiser & club owner) the party was from 9 pm to 5 am but the club managers was so clever that they intentionally let the fire alarm go on at 2 am asking all the party lovers to vacant the club. All the party lovers were in good mood and were enjoying the music. They couldnít believe that and started assaulting the organizer about the time keeping. Everyone was after the organiser and some disputes arose there.

This sort of incident was not new on that day, Club owners have been doing this quite frequently on other Nepalese parties (Tihar dance party on same venue) as well in the same venue. The club staffs were playing fool on poor Nepalese and taking extra charge for time but at the end they either closed the main door or let the fire alarm go.

So we request all the party organizers not to organize the party @ Bless Bar, Ealing.

There all party lovers please donít blame organisers, enjoy the music, no violence and always remain in peace.

The organisers of New Year party apologise to all the party lovers for the trouble.

5th January 2010, 09:37
I am really with you,If the people started doing this,But there are many genuine organisers and party people who loves to have fun,meet friends etc etc.I guess its better not to use the premises which deceipt our people charge them money and donot let them use it until they say so...No more use of so called Bless Bar guys..Have a lovely and a Happy new year ahead..God bless u all :D