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10th January 2010, 03:06
Few years back I went Bhutan on vacation. I volunteer to exchange ideas and experience with high school students there for weeks (that was just an excuse to travel there) ;D . UN staffs were dispatched from Nepal. Bhutan international plane is small but very cute and comfortable then Royal Thai class Boeing. We arrived in Thimpu the very day and I went to high school there where every staff was Indian. I met Bhutanese students. God even in isolated world there, they are actually very genius. Trouble was they didn't know anything outside knowledge just text and books. Well that why I was there for. I was to present before them in tomorrow program outside this very beautiful scenery where senior students were regrouping gathering and there was a single chair in front of all chairs. I started my chat with" I didn't come here to sit on the chair but to feel grass on my feet" they laugh so much. So I begin to talk about Nepal and student life here. They were too very interested so they keep asking me about many things. Life, fun, entertainment, movies theater, dating, (I even remember one guy asking me if I have boyfriend and he was scolded by his teacher : D ) Discipline in Bhutan is utmost strict. They are not allowed to watch any channel except national Bhutanese TV channel and some selected Indian channel. Everything is prohibitated. Girls were so excited what kind of design the clothes I was wearing. They are not allowed to wear fashion wear outside, every time there national dress.

And there was few Nepalese like student because I asked everyone names and when they mentioned there, I was like what?!! But I keep my peace and went on continue with introduction. They were Nepalese but there family remains here loyal to subject and king so I guess his family was spared or forgiven. But with very strict rules NEVER MENTIONED NEPAL NEPALESE OR DASHIAN AND TIHAR. I looked like Japanese so my best guess was they thought I am one. So they welcome me full heartily. But later that evening my mom told me they hate Nepalese people. "So how’s your day sweetie?" "WHAT?"!!!! ???

Next day was kind of awkward for me since I already knew how they feel about us. Yet I focus on answer and questions. And during break time I catch up with one of the Nepali girl student of 10th grade and asked her if I can speak with her privately. Her Bhutanese friends were watching both of us. I asked her many things like if she can speak Nepali or how come your family staying here things like that. She told me nobody are allowed to talk Nepalese in case they know how to or religion, festivals. Few year back Nepalese population enter Bhutan on that time present dharma guru Buddhist who used to rule Bhutan before present monarchy and later Nepalese were chased out of country. Well that how we ended up with those entire Bhutanese refugee in camps. So she told me her dad is Nepalese and mom Bhutanese only such populations who are married inter caste remain here. Later we became pen pal and still we are.

I tried to show my best behavior to represent Nepal is not that horrible? I don’t know if I was successful but certainly I make sure I bring Bhutan same level as Nepal. How horrible Bhutanese refugee were treated by Indian government, and how they are living like hell every day. No one to heard there sorrow. I told them “just imagine what if nobody will listen to you when you cry?” when whole burden of sadness came crushing down on you, that’s how they’re living inside camps. That was not wise of me to mentioned about Bhutanese refugees but who cares, they keep praising Indian this Indian that so I too brought topic that how good Indian are? I told them at last “there is expect of both side good or evil on everything in life and you must not blind by your feeling and always judge by clear mind and I am absolutely sure books can never teach that.”
I am so amaze how Indian culture and policy rooted in Bhutanese life. They are being manipulated even from school level growing up to be the loyal to Indian. Harey Shiva, even Bhutan fall under Indian grasp now. So sure we are hated people among them.

They loved their country and mostly very loyal to Royal family. Nepalese people tried to seize there rights out of government power and as a result consider a thread to crown and country, banished forever. We can never know how many Nepalese people were massacres during that time. Never counted that account. There was a violation of human rights but no record ever existed.

“If I too choose war then I choose to end it”

10th January 2010, 03:15
Can I request something. Dont make comment on this topic. Eventually I will keep updating interesting facts I discover over there. You will loved it. :) ;) :D ;D