View Full Version : " My country My pride "

17th April 2008, 22:43
My country, my pride I say
but the curse of this cold war
creeps within my blood
The burden we have to carry on to end of the time
Perhaps I was blind to the fact
we are addicted to the darker sides
Since my childhood I'm forced to believe in
the pathetic reason we live
An agony of harsh reality
its worst then a slavery
I'm trapped on my own land
where I was born as a free, loving child
thought would be safe here
but think I'm standing over my own grave
I feel on my knees and beg for mercy
but by brothers seem amused
when they see me bleed
And it hurts, so I'm forced to flee
I hold strong my emotions
Coz' I believe it makes me weaker
the colour of my blood is still the same
but I am addicted to uncertain changes
doesn't matter its right or wrong
Mothers on tears COz' they fear
Every drop of tears hit me like a bullet
Why blame others?
while the mole is within my people
hundred of confused youngs like me
So we couldn't take it
had to runaway from home
CoZ' it was hard for us to fake it
If u think this the way life goes
then tell me what's your gud life worth??


17th April 2008, 22:45