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28th January 2010, 10:35
Finally justice has been done.. Nepalese student Mrs Khusbhu Shah murder on Glassgow June 2009 by Indian has been sentenced for 24 yrs.

RIP Mrs Khusbhu Shah

28th January 2010, 10:36


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28th January 2010, 20:13
Oh no its not over. You people never read political immunity in life did you? Indian and UK government have political immunity policy, signed in 1992. Normal people don't really know such things even exist. Which mean is that that murderer will be transfer to Indian central government court and they can minimize that 24 year sentence to 5 or 2 or maybe 3 month community service to clean park or street, its indian government choice now to set his punishment. And I never heard Nation punishing their people for crime he or she did in international territory. Well except that nation is called Iran or Saudi Arab. So I guess that murderer was so happy when he heard his punishment from UK court. believe me that criminal will be sent to India with official escort and no body from uk will ever heard about it. You will all think he is rotting behind bars but thats not the case. Ummm.... being citizenship of powerful nation do some tricks, isn't it? Well if this case was other way around, Mrs Khusbhu Shah would have been hanged or worst. Nepal have political immunity signed with only few countries. And UK is definately not in the list so far. So be careful guys.
Even if that murderer get political protection, he still going to die. I think Nepal is very close to declare war against India. Maoist are just waiting for some excuse now and I think Indian government is about to make one foolish mistake. Don't worry this time we will win this war, I just know it. Fate is on our side this time.

28th January 2010, 20:31
There are millions of innocent people in india too. I don't want war to be the reason they lost family or relatives. I want to avoid this possibility outcome during war. So best way is to strike capital and take over government heads and make them surrender. We will be very gentle and polite with them. We will just ask them to surrender and give us back the territory they took from us during british occupation period and signed paper regarding few issues and leave them alone. Oh they have to pay tribute to Nepal every year. Or I will just rule over them for few century. Thats fair too. If any Nation come to their support I will crush them as well. And I will invade few other nation. Some will suffer for being more developed then Nepal, some will suffer for being rude to me, some will suffer for being too cute, some for being stupid and bullheaded, some for being heartbreaker and mostly will suffer my wrath for being cruel. HEY!!!! I am cruel on good ways so don't judge me.

28th January 2010, 20:53
I really feel sorry for khusbu;s parents :'(
But finally JUSTICE IS DONE, thanks god

by the way kapa,, U sounds NEPAL ki rani, i mean in gundini sense , only in forum,, U can do nothing,, u will just be like UN WHEN ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN, they just watch,, n talk like u ,

so pls better u don;t waste time saying going to war, faith is in our site,,, bla bla bla bla

Do u think our country is ready to go for war,, tht;s bullshit,,
,, ,, DIN MA 2 HRS BIJULI AYERA MOBILE CHARGE GARNA TA, JAMAL KO CHOK MA Rs20 ghanta ko tirera , tyo ni que MA BASI BASI,, MOBILE charge garnu parne hamro desh lai,
TYASAI HAWA KURA NAGARANA, wakka lagne hajur ko post herera

pls KAPA don;t fly without wings,, n Feel sorry for khusbu;s family

28th January 2010, 21:54
We will just ask them to surrender and give us back the territory they took from us during british occupation period and signed paper regarding few issues and leave them alone.

Not going to happen and impractical. The issue had to be raised when nepal signed treaty. To say we want to get our land back now is ludicrous. This type of statement can be used for cheap politics (like maoist are doing) but any reasonable and third party people won't support. Why did nepal sign treaty at that time?

Thing is we have more serious matter than 1950s treaty . People living in Nepal have more serious and pressing issues. They are poor, need education, jobs , health etc. I personally dont' want people to die because of 1950s treaty because being pragmatic i see it as a lose lose situation.

Not being disparaging to any Gurkha (my own cousin is gurkha), we learned only to fight. Now how about making some socio-economic change. Country like Switzerland whose landscape is very similar to nepal dont get involve in any fight. They know their priorities. Their people are some of the happiest in the world.

True, we should strongly raise voice against indian encroachment. That too not how maoist are doing. Not by shouting, fighting etc. War must be avoided. Everything must be solved more diplomatically in high level. May be with involvement of third party.

Regarding getting Darjeeling back to nepal and Bhaigchung bhutia playing football for nepal. not going to happen. We can almost forget about it. It is sour grapes. We happily handed over them. Many nepalese origin people in those places are happy to be indian citizen. They are born and brought up there. It is now almost third fourth generation. Many of them feel proud calling themselves indian.

Finally a piece of advice. War even in the name of revolution is wrong. Killing can never be justified. I have no respect for people who kills and try to justify in this 21st century. May be only case of self defence you may have to kill. Other than that even revolution can be achieved in much more peaceful way.

28th January 2010, 22:46
;D haha, yar,, How come darjeeling will be in nepal lol,, n bhaichung play for nepal

Even though bhaichung get nepalese citizen in future,, through dual citizenship,, I will never accept tht,,


FOR YOUR KIND information,,,, DARJEELING,, IS INDIA N THEY R INDIAN,,, I m sure they love to hold RASANCARD LOL


KATI SAJILO CHA BHANNA LAI, TARA,,,,, WAKE UP,, NEPAL IS NEPAL,, , pahila nepal ghuma,, ani thaha huncha nepal k ho
???DUKHA LAGCHA,, akha ma asu aucha,, tara ma eklo le k garna sakchu ra,,,,, MA AUTA LACHAR NEPALI HU,,,, ::)

29th January 2010, 03:37
I guess you are right Mr england Hotmale. Sometime my hate carried me away too much. I must control myself and what I should mentioned. And I am sorry for khusbu's family. But What I mentioned is truth Mr. You must have habit of listening to good news only, but guess what make habit to taste evil side as well. Maoist exist for reason and they are about to start war. Just today Mr prachanda direct accusation to Indian government and Indian armies actions toward nepalese citizen in border area is somewhat example of what might be happening here. News here is Indian army completely blocked Nepalese to enter toward Indian border today. And supply runing low in Terai region. Mr England hotmale, by any chance are you Indian? Hope so not. Well I am a most talkactive person of my generation and even my teachers used to avoid my essay. So I am not offended at all by your comment.

I guess I never understand my own country Nepal. I am a part Jhanjati from my dad side. And the way he describe how jhanjati were chained by Nepalese leaders and ggovernment in the past. I felt totally violated by them. My anger couldn't stop. I hated them from my toe to cold blood. I even thought if they did this to us then let it be done. I will die as well but atleast I will be satisfied that they are going down with me as well. But then I told myself, maybe it meant to be happened Jhanjati were supposed to like this. maybe our time was over. We were decendents of greats dynasty and king and queen of old. My people ruled Nepal in the past and simply our time was over. And someone came by took over administration. So from that moment I didn't give interests about if jhanjati get rights make any difference at all.

My Mom used to station in Sudan during 1994, she is chef UN medical officer from Japan and my dad happens to be in another part of Sudan as a UN medical officer too. later my dad team from Nepal had to work under my mom supervision. Thats how my parent met. And they fall for eachother. Ever since then my mom never went back to Japan and settle there. She even gave up her japanese citizenship for my dad and lived in Nepal. Thats right I am only half Nepali. But living here since childhood, I always loved Nepal. Somehow I don't even have right to say that anymore..

29th January 2010, 04:04
In japan if you see toward sky all you can see is city light reflections and so intense you can never expect to see stars twinkling :) Nepal is poor, yes I know, NGO and international agency give so much donation to Nepal and yet it magically dissappear. Corruption everywhere. I felt so shamed when they talk about this. I mean UN and NGO official sometime talk about this and simply wonder how can this be? And they begin to make fun of government. Some even talk about Nature of nepalese people. It just too much. So I can't breathe around them. But I am a future UN official myself so I must used to such gossips and rumors. I don't hate load shedding, not at all. I love star gazing and stars you see from here are so beautiful. I won't have chance to see them once my family moved to Japan. Maybe. My dad retiring from UN in March and got his chance to work somewhere in kyoto. My mom will still work for UN but from Japan. We are moving soon. I have decided to continue my study in Japan. You know even in all this midst of crisis and load shedding I still loved Nepal so so much. Only if those jackass leaders knew how much they are missing. They will turn this country into battle field.

Guys I am so sorry for being rude, but sometime acting crazy help to survive some situation. I don't even have rights to called myself Nepali. Nor I have rights to destroy this country and people life as those political parties and their leader had. My mom always used to told us that "we are just guest here and we can only smile". One thing I understand why my dad never even question my mom ways of educating us. Me and my brother speaks japanese well, and living and growing in Nepal definately help us to speak english and Nepalese and by being India neighbour I even learn Indian. To be UN officers you need to have knowledge of more then 6 language and I learning african from my mom now. Its kinda cool. You know japanese people hardly speak or use English. Ha ha I will love to see their faces when I speak english. My cousin never liked me whenever I tease her in english. I am about to volunteer in high school in Japan as english teacher when we move there.

29th January 2010, 04:37
You know guys, I never understand nepalese people. Everyone talk with such pride that "I came from USA" or "I been to Paris" or " I have seen and visited every store in Dubai" but did you ever even occur in mind that not in your entire life, none of you will travel to any part of Nepal being nepalese and just die like that one day as old man. Well did you? Money is not everything in life, maybe I am saying this cosz I never had need of anything. I was born as a princess and grown up like that, car ready for me take me anywhere and bank balance of my own. But believe me it was nothing. When you have everything, you got nothing left to do and thats even boring. I guess that why I choose to become Un officer and work around world traveling and helping. Sometime you get shoot in the head too but that very minimum chance nowaday. Officers have now convoy and escort. I guess I didn't like to be successful business women or someone wife.

During vacation our family used to always visit Mustang and and remote areas of western region. I am even sure that none of you have heard some names of those places until now :D Only kathmandu is worst of all visited place. Western region of Nepal is Heaven. Nothing compared to such places. Ahh Mukthinath was my dearest place of all. Japan is full of greenary and artificial makeup gardens but this treeless mountains of mustang and Mukhtinath are wonder of wonders. I am taking lots of memory and photos and video we made during trip there with us. My mom me and my brothers never allowed to go inside pashupatinath temple ever, I tried, none of us look like nepalese except my dad. we used to wait dad outside when he used to go inside to pray. but he did explain us whats inside or how place are arranged. So I never been there. My dad only told us that Pashupatinath is even master of buddha. I thought he must be joking and I felt so sorry when I know I will die without knowing who is he? So our family deity is lord Buddha and we pray to swayambhunath temple. But i think they are both same god. only people can see difference in them. I don't. He is buddha too. 19 years of my life just went like that. I remember like just yesterday I was going to my LKG.

29th January 2010, 04:57
My dad hindu and he worship lord Buddha too. My mom buddhist and half shinto but she never even bow to Hindu gods. Which make my dad really dumbfonded. But he is over it many year ago when my mom told him, its none of his business. My dad really can't even question my mom's ways. I never knew why? But they loved eachother very much. They keep kissing in front of me so many time, i got pissed off. Sorry my french. So I guess after I move to japan I might forget to write on this forum. So have your attack on me mr england hotmale. I won't mind at all. I can take it. Only regret i had is I never dated any boys. I can make one now but in such short period I don't trust guys to be honest about love. I am writing as much as today. i dont care now. we are starting to pack everything since last friday. So all i got time is to fight with mr england hotmale. I really enjoy fighting boys.

There was one boy from my high school, he was a captain of class and I was girl's captain. I heard he loved me so much and keep trying to impress me, but other boys used to say "she is out of your league, come on give up now stupid" he never even tried to ask me. I already knew how he felt about me, trust me girls know such thing faster then boys, we had our secrets we never reveal. And I used make him uncomfortable when I approached him or asked for some help. But he never even once talk to me or even say morning or goodbye see you tomorrow. :) My elder brother married to japanese girl so does my second elder brother. My mom want to bring her heritage in our family I guess. I always knew something I can't choose boy from here. She will kill me for sure. So I guess I never become open about my feelings. Beside boys can't be trusted.

29th January 2010, 05:14
My real name is Nanami but my last name is my father's. And my father's heritage is from Mongol but I wont mentioned my last name cosz its really not wise decision to mentioned when there is fight amoung jhanjati and none jhanjati people.

I am gonna missed my friend sumi Gurung, she is the only one left here from our group. I will try my best to help her succeed in getting Australian Visa. She didn't get UK visa. Thats my only work left here now to see her off the airport. I will be so sad when that happens. This time I have asked my parents to pull some string for her. Don't know if its work.

I cannot take my dog, she will be hurt when we leave her, my dad friend from france agreed to take care of her, but even he and his family have to leave after 5 years. And she will completely alone. OH!!!!!!!! my god I know I will take her to sumi's house. At least that much she and her family can do for me. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D i was so stupid, only sumi is going aboard not her family ahaha I am so happy. And I can always visit nepal later. My grandparents are long dead when my dad was just 27 and he is the only son, so he not really missing anything ;D . Oh thank you england hotmale. if you didn't have made that comment I wouldn't have write all this and never would had come up with this idea. Thank you so much. You just saved my dog life.

29th January 2010, 09:47
OH ho kasto lamo story..I am completely lost in your story...started with murder...Diplomacy.... Indian..UN..dad mum affair.....kiss...school..Japan..fight..romance..g uys..and list goes on...pfffffffff..tired to be honest.

But Kapa you had both good and bad stuffs...love for Nepal and Nepalese....and arrogant with ur strong background. However I wish you good luck for your New life in Japan. Sayonara

29th January 2010, 18:02
Hi nepuk :D :D :D well you are right. And I don't think I will get time to write or chat in future anyway. I mostly just chatter box, my friend called me that too. I am a good story teller too. I will write as much as I can in this forum and share my thoughts. Sometime I am too much, and sometime I regret being like that but ever since i know what internet is, I have joined thousand of forums and learned many things, like people, their nature, my own mistakes and drawbacks. Honestly to talk like that and to even joining debate is educational for me. Believe me, I am such person when I start even I don't know when to stop or how? I have written many stories, maybe someday in life I will publish it. Only a chatterbox and will to write a replay more then the question asked you for is very talented or say gift. Hope you guys someday understand that or realise it.

I never said on the name of revolution killing justify. It never does. But human civilization is itself on the path of destruction and nobody can stop it, and does not justify it either. Nepal needs revolution but I never seen politics in that new Nepal. I just saw people working in farms, everybody are friendly, kind and honest and nobody is selfish. Thats the revolution I want. and in return I don't want development, I don't want skycrapper or a high ways, bullet trains or big international airports, big cities, industries. Simple Nepal is worth to have. That how I want Nepal to be. Peaceful as monastery or temple. But sadly I don't think Nepalese people want that anymore. Time will change Nepal. More and more political scums and scavenger are emerging and they will do their best to RIP her apart.

In a way, my family moving to Japan means my parents knew this. Future of Nepal is uncertain and now India and china and even British politics are entering. USA still want to established their US army base here inreturn they willing to pay millions of dollar to government. You guys know this right?? And maoist exist within India making certain that how far chinese government can reach its influences.

29th January 2010, 18:25
Sorry nepuk. ;D ;D ;D See when I start I am carried away by my feeling. I can talk politics all day long. Someday after I become UN official I will come to Nepal to help her as much as I can. This forum was started by you to talk about glassgow murder case. Well all we can say is we felt really sorry for them. Even nepalese are killing eachother in UK according to news here few months ago. I may sound racist but believe me what I learned living here is never to trust Indian. And all those kidney chor doctors are from India too. Japanese people love their royal family more then anyone. When a nepalese royal family was murdered, you know, they don't think highly of Nepalese people ever since that incident. Otherwise Japanese people love Nepal so much for so many reason. And again there was incident in Tribhuwan International airport, a sexual harassment to japanese high school girls and their teachers by street boys was big news in NHK japan and every newspaper there. Even foreign ministry of japan mentioned that in official website giving warning to whoever going to Nepal for visit. And then Japanese embassador called all of them in embassy and sign a legal document mentioned what did they do to them and later took it to PM office himself to carried out the investigation. I was there when it was happened. The whole time I had to introduced myself as japanese not as nepalese cosz they were high school girls were crying and teacher were asking for help. And those jackass police won't do anything. I don't think they or their children's children will ever come to Nepal again.

My mom was furious. Those students come from Japan to volunteer as UN goodwill ambassador and help in building schools, providing supply, well mostly childrens sectors and that how they were welcome in airport. I talk to them and told them to take it easily, but you guys don't know when girls privacy or security is violated. Our mind concept changed to such level that we can never trust any man at all. Or we begin to judge all of them in same manner. That same things happened with them. They cancel there volunteer program and went back week later. Nobody was arrested and no investigation was taken.

29th January 2010, 18:53
"Kapa" means the devil in japanese word. And that how my nature is. Japanese, chinese and korean are most angry people in this world. Maybe it has something to do with eating raw meat and lots of chilli pepper. ;D
I never had channa chatpata in my entire life, my brother had this one time and he almost die of stomach ache, ever since I never even looked at it. But my friends had it all the time, after school, o level. And they never got upset from it. But I will miss sherpa yak butter, you know CHURPI. Japanese called if Nepalese chewing gum. And thats correct too. I still have in my mouth while I am typing this :D
So many nepali student went to Japan for job as student. Recently japanese foreign ministry issued the investigation regarding this and well it will be very hard for nepalese who are in Japan. As for my family we been approved already year ago to resettle there. My mom hometown is in Hokkaido. But dad got job in kyoto. And we are moving there. I guess my life will changed now entirely. So many NGO and UN family are moving out of Nepal. This is not good at all.
Everybody must think that UN doesnot do anything at all, but you are wrong, Nepal UN have 3 kind of staff. One nepalese and second International and 3rd one is like us, hybrid. born from the parents of different nationality. Nepalese staff does nothing, just ride UN cars and goes around like traveling and tour, making stop at cafe or hotel to have breakfast, while international staff work like donkey all day. They went to rural part of Nepal, trekking, with lots of load behind and start there project until finished. And left it to some Nepalese UN staff to handle. And well you know, he won't even care. That project will not last year after he take in charge of it. And when those international staff are about to leave Nepal, we had to organise farewell party and then they sure that they have never seen such lazy people in their entire life and promise never to comeback here. Some even cried because they gave up. Just imagine guys what will happened to their feeling when they see Nepalese UN staff napping in afternoon sun and all day they were working as donkey. One lady from french actually cried because of this.

29th January 2010, 19:13
And there is 3rd kind, like me and my brothers. My 2 brother work for UN and my sister in laws are also UN officers. My another brother went to US for further study but I am sure mom will drag him into family job line too. My mom is very hard working women and chef medical officer representing Japan here. She associated with japanese embassy and UN both. 3rd kind are mostly born with one nepali parent and another of different nationality. Our kind are very versatile, We can speak both parent languages. We can even think like both. We can understand both region and work environment. Thats why, 3rd kind have no problem getting job IN UN. One family is here, she married with african american UN official, her daughter is my friend "Sasha Dalton" She sometime come from USA to visit her parent here during vacation. And she doesnot even look little like Nepali at all. but she is very beautiful girl of my same age. Her mother was cast away by her family when she decided to marry Mr Dalton. And Sasha got her grandparent love from dad side. her grandma is so huge ;D, you should see her eating her breakfast, god!!!! very strong women.
And there is Namita, she is 17, her dad is nepali and mom british. She look no different then other nepali except her golden hair from mom side and beautiful blue eyes. Teachers actually scolded her for using bleaching agent to colour her hair. Her family will moved to UK after this year. And there "Marian lee" her dad is african american and mom chinese, She look all like chinese girl. Actually when you born as 3rd kind, your life is fixed to be UN official. I am happy about it.

4th February 2010, 12:30
aay ama kapa.... k garey ko testo, :o

payo or aayo bhandai ma forum lai arko mode ma laaney.... link rakhey hun thiyo ni instead. timro writing ma kunai question chaina.. i appreciate your contribution..... buh, if I was asked to grade you... i wouldnt hesitate to give u grade F or * :P b`coz u totally ingored the discussion topic... NEPALESE STUDENT KILLED IN GLASSGOW.

Hariyo Salam (Green Salute) ;D