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28th January 2010, 21:11
;D SUVA PRABHAT,,, GOOD MORNING,, n jaya nepal
ACCORDING to almost 10 colleges, where i have been,which I know them well.

They only got news about there college has been suspended through email,, Still they havenot received any written notice about the reason why college has been suspended,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , :-\ >:(
There was meeting between all colleges last tuesday, but the solution COME negative way, Those college which has been suspended will GO TO HIGHT COURT TO FIGHT AGAINST UKBA(home office)
N The good news is Even The college is suspend,, student who already got visa not only from nepal but from bangla, pakist,,,india,,, srilanka,,have not got ANY PROBLEM IN HEATHROW TO enter UNITED KINGDOM
,,,, So for those students in NEPAL,,, LET ME GIVE U FREE ADVICE,,,,, PLS DON;T WORRY ABOUT COLLEGE, Most colleges which is SUSPENDED ,,, intention is not to RUN AWAY OR TO CLOSE THE COLLEGE ,
, If u Already booked the ticket,, Try to come before your CLASS START DATE,, >:(, N pls,,,,, MAKE SURE U KNOW YOUR COLLEGE NAME, >:(......,, ADDRESS,,,, :-X,,,,, WHICH COURSE U GOING TO STUDY............ >:(, WHich subject u study,,,where u going to stay, ,, :'(, :D,, how long is your course,,,,, wht;s your future plan after study,,,,,, >:(N SPECIALLY FOR THOSE, WHO IS COMING BY DOING ,, PAPER MARRIAGE ::),,,,,,,,,,,,, AT LEAST, u pls make sure wht;s your wife SURNAME N THERE PARENTS NAME,, WHERE THEY LIVE IN NEPAL,, ;D,,,,, N PLS SAY U HAVE DOUBLE ROOM TO STAY HERE IN LONDON,,,,,,,, ;D,,, This small things become big problem in heathrow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ABA STUDENT N DEPENDENT,, :oDIFFERENT ADDRESS NI BHANNE HO LATA HARU,, :o,,, SO PREPARE BEFORE U COME ,,, ... good luck,,, n hope every thing gonna be alright,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :-[ki kaso raju dai,,,,,

29th January 2010, 00:11
होट्मले भतीज लाई यती राम्रो अङ्रेजी आउने भएर पनि किन रोमन म लेखेर दुनिया लाई पढ्न गाह्रो बनाको होला ? >:(

29th January 2010, 00:57
8) maan uncle , sometime in life better to use the plate by own hand to get food rather then to wait for someone to bring tht plate.N I m the one who use use plate to get the food not the one who wait someone to give the plate ::)

kura ali bujena hola yar,,, ani sabai sajilo hune bhaye,, garo k ta, raja
yaso try garana,,, buji halcha ni yar,,,,, ki kaso raju dai ::)

29th January 2010, 07:32
thank you - belayat ko tato purus ;D