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30th January 2010, 22:09
;Dsuva prabhat,,, sauji,, urf uk AUNE WALA FUTURE SAUJI HARU,,, ;D

31 January 2010: ;D Temporary suspension of Tier 4 student visa applications in Nepal: From Monday 1 February 2010, the UK Border Agency will temporarily stop accepting any new student visa applications under Tier 4 of the Points Based System at the visa application centre in Kathmandu.

The UK Border Agency has taken this decision in response to an unexpectedly high number of student visa applications at this time of year. This means that no further applications will be accepted until further notice. In addition, any scheduled appointments from 1 February onwards will also be suspended until the UK Border Agency begins to accept Tier 4 applications again, and then these applicants will be given priority.

Applicants who have already submitted Tier 4 student visa applications before 1 February will have their applications processed.

Customers who are making applications in other visa categories are not affected by this announcement.
27 January 2010: ;D Changes to student visa applications from next month. From 22 February 2010 all students who apply to study in the UK under Tier 4 of the points-based system must possess a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from their sponsor. You will not be able to apply under Tier 4 using a visa letter from that date, even if the visa letter was issued before 22 February 2010. Until 21 February 2010, you can continue to apply under Tier 4 using a visa letter, even if your course of study will start after 22 February 2010. Please see the UK Border Agency website about studying in the UK for more information.
....... by the way I COPY PASTE IT,,,,,,,,,, FERI YAHA,,,,, ENGLAND HOTMALE KUKUR KO JANI DUSHMAN HARU CHA NI ;D ::)KI KASO RAJU DAI,,,, ENJOYING HOLIDAY,,,, CHILL OUT,,,, ,, NOW LETS SEE WHT WILL HAPPEN LOL ::)This r those consultancy in nepal who deal with all uk colleges,, lol,,,,,,, ::),,,,,,,,,,,,RAJU DAI,,,,, ANYTHING U CAN DO NOW,,,,,,, ;D,,,,,,PLS ::)Uttam Pant
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31st January 2010, 04:58
hey.. i couldn't get why you have contacts of consultancies ??
btw - em not involved in any of the agencies hai :o

31st January 2010, 19:36
;D,,, suva prabhat,, jaya nepal,, adicted uncle,,,

any problem with tht,, i mean by mentioning,, those consultancies name,

if it is then i will delete it,, if u want,,,, ;D

by the way I m not pinching u lol,, adicted , ;D