View Full Version : hi! any politically active, ambitious university students here?

28th April 2008, 18:43
i am new to this forum and having lived in UK for a while now I feel I have become complacent and detached from the Nepal. So i joined this forum to draw the links once again to Nepal! anyways any1 here uni students or prospective uni students? i am going to uni soon and i would very much like to hear perspectives and experiences from a nepali student!

my other interest is world politics and uk mainly, so anyone similar to me do shout back! ;D

28th April 2008, 19:28
I am also feeling same....I am studying PG in International Relations in The University of Northampton....let try with me! write me-rameshgulmeli@yahoo.com

28th April 2008, 23:44
hey was so quick ramesh sir esp. the email stuff.. why dont you post in here so that we all can take a look at it.
besides,i am also planning to join a university and want some advices from sb who has experienced it.. i am confused what major to go for and how to get over the fees and all..any sorta help is appericated..

30th April 2008, 09:00
Hi hanumanji....its nice to know about joining the University,but about the subject that depends upon your previous degrees and interests hoina ra ? And about experience...Its only about 4 months I am in the UK, so everything for me is still naya naulu...but I am really enjoying my study here

30th April 2008, 22:22
hi ramesh, so ur studying international relations thts realy cool. myself i have chosen to do law so quite looking forward to it at uni of southampton. IR must be fun, especially as it has that political dimension to it! so u enjoying your course then? and how do u find england after being here for 4 months? time does fly by doesnt it? pretty soon u get the hang of the pace of life here and forget the mundane, laid back life u led in nepal ;D

30th April 2008, 22:27
anyways hello hanumanji if u hav any further queries abt wht courses to do or how to apply to uni etc, feel free to ask me as i hav totally been thru the whole grilling process myself! :D

1st May 2008, 14:02
hi palomino! U are in Southampton..I am in Northampton...its quite far..Law is nice subject to study...About my subject it is interesting mixture of diplomacy and politics, as I have journalistic background, its ok for me...main problem here is no biu of nepali people in this place so I am feeling lonley, June to September I have summer vacation when I can work full time, I intend to go London during this time to experience life there, But I dont have any idea where to go, where to stay and where to get job...if any ideas/advise please somebody offer me helping hands regarding this......

1st May 2008, 23:11
hi ramesh, for this big holiday that u have from june, why dont u try staying in northampton if u already have accomodation there? because then u could look for a job around tht place and it wil help u to save more money if u work there and live there, coz if u go to london, u wil have to find acomodation and a job as wel?
to look for jobs ur university should definitely help u or else goto google.com and type jobcentreplus and then go to tht website tht appears! and then follow and read instructions etc and u can locate many jobs.
so u hav a background in journalism? thts quite cool! so was tht back home in ktm? ;D

2nd May 2008, 08:26
palomino..Yes, I was working for kantipur Television before I came here...I was in news desk,
And I want to leave Northampton in my vacation because I am living in Hostel, its expensive and my contract is till June, after that I should get new place wherever I live...thats why I intend to go to London and experience life there. I have found no Nepali people in this place yet, so I am not enjoing this place to live, without class 4 months would be horrible for me,and its small place to get job is also so hard.............. :- :(

9th July 2008, 21:02
hi guys...

back after a long time...anyway..i am caught up in the situation for which university to go for. it seems like the universities in UK offer no scholarships and i have made up my mind to study in london metropolitan..well, the fees seems fine (ok) compared to rest i have looked up. beside, i am an ILE holder and i have found out that one particuar university in wales offers home fees for ILE walas..anyway,, i am confused weather to go for wales or LOndon metropolitan. does wales seem like a nice place for job, and studies ani...can you suggest better univ. for comp. science or IT??

guys..........feedbacks is so much welcome..la..

10th July 2008, 21:35
Hi Hanuman Ji,

First up all may I ask you what does ILE means? Are you suggesting that you will be paying home student fee and therefore its cheap for you to study in Wales and not in London? If I were you, I would go to Wales and finish my studies there, as the main concern in the UK for overseas students is - International Student Fees which is around 10K/year if you want to study in renowned institue.
Wales is a very nice place to live, and there are job opportunities, but it really depends on what sort of job you're looking.

Subjects you want to study -
Science - Science covers broad subjects, could you be more specific?
IT - same as Science - IT also coveres wide subjects, be specific and let me know what do you want to do in IT or Science.


10th July 2008, 21:49
thanks man..well

i am planning to study computer science or IT but the univ. that i have been seeing in wales has BSC in software develpoment . well to me it really sounds the same but i might be wrong too hai coz i am just new to it. anyway..i think it has to do with software engineering... well to be more specific. this is the course that i have to study for that..take a look at it la.

Year One:
Application programming
Introduction to Information Systems
Business Applications
Legal and Ethical Issues in Information Systems
Analysis & design techniques
Introduction to Multimedia and the Internet
Research Skills 1
Applied Management
Fundamentals of IT
Year Two:
Core modules:
Data Management
Research Skills
Professional Development 1
Systems Development & Design
Information Processing & Management 1
Choose two options from:
Multimedia 1
Object Oriented Methods 1
Web Programming 1
Year Three:
Core modules:
Software Development Project
Information Systems project management
Professional and Ethical Issues
Information Processing & Management 2
Choose two options from:
Multimedia 2
Object Oriented Methods 2
Network Management
Web Programming 2
Data Security
In addition to formal examinations, you will be continuously assessed throughout the course. Most modules are assessed primarily by a combination of coursework and unseen written exams, generally weighted 50/50 at the end of the year.

Selection Procedure:
Selection is normally based on the receipt of a completed UCAS application.

Cardiff School of Management Brochure

yehi ho yr so far.. well.. its a work in progress .i really want to study in london..wales to me sounds like BRAVE HEART ko movie or sth like that....well.... if this is the course like comp. science or IT i have to say i 'd definately go for it...but i am new to this comp. stuff..anyway...

plz feel free to post some feedback..

its always welcomed..
thanks maite..aight... rek.

11th July 2008, 11:22
Hi Hanumanji,

Thanks for providing me the course information. Basically its Computer Science course and there is a demand in the market. But if you're new to the computers then you might struggle in your first year, but don't worry you can always do some extra work at home, and there are lots of online resources to learn computers.
Your course coveres vast subject for eg; Programming, Networking, Database, Multimedia, Web etc. First year is your chance to pick up one major field and concentrate on that subject so that can make career out of it.
You might not like programming but like Mulitmedia or Database, in the second year you will have choice to select the optional subjects where you can select relevant subjects for you course. There is a need of computer experts in the UK market.

FYI - movie Braveheart was based on Scotish history (13th century) so don't worry it won't be like that :) When was there last time it reminded me of Nepal. You can always go there and check it out before you join the college.
I hope this information is useful!!


12th July 2008, 22:16
thanks yr....

its really nice to have sb support you like this man..anyway, i know comp. is a new field to me that the reason i am trying to do my associates in comp. science. well i guess i have to do some programming classes for this degree just to get my feet wet. anyway, i still wonder how the nepalese students pay for this college in UK man.

thanks again man.

14th July 2008, 09:41
You are welcome and good luck with your studies...

Not to forget that Nepalese are hard workers. They study, and work hard on their holidays (specially summer and Christmas holidays) they take a year out and earn more money to pay towards their studies. Take some bank loans and use credit cards. Take loans from friends and family and its hard to get over it, but eventually they will.
Some students give up and goes to different direction, which is give up studies and 'earn money' but I would advise all the Nepalese student here to study hard first and then work towards earning money. If you have a decent degree then its not hard to get a proper job here and start paying your deaths and living a good life!!


16th July 2008, 01:00
thanks jenish

you seem so optimistc and supportive. good luck to watever you are doin man.

tc. nice have people like you around yr..( for real dwag re k)