View Full Version : " DESTINED TO BE WITH YOU"

28th April 2008, 21:21
I wonder what's on the other side of the world??
wider then my thoughts
Everyone's watching me surprised
jealous coz' I'm in love
Friends even make fun of me
coz' they can't see and they can't feel
the way I feel 'bout you
Your eyes full of life
Your love undefined, your sweetest smile
who cares if your're not my type
Something special 'bout you
that keeps you close to my heart
I don't wana loose the sight of your beautiful face
Darlin, this is no race
Never knew things would turn this way
Do hell with all who doesn't understand you
as long as you don't loose hold of me,
Its not just a fantasy
So we've come this far and I don't wana look back
coz' I feel trapped
You will be my inspiration
the queen of my only heart
The stars and moon will watch over us
while we make a passionate love
Let's get together and make this a beautiful history
Forget 'bout the misery
No lies, lets take a flight
to the world of romance, where we belong
No tears, no fear
Forget 'bout old times
just you and me
lets create some heavenly rhyme
If you ever believe your dreams turn real
Baby, this will be the night
My heart's running faster, I can feel it in my viens
just close your eyes, I can't miss it
Don't worry 'bout what people say
just feel me, love me
God will lead us if we fail to find our way
If its ok with you, let me hold you close tonight
My heart's no drama
Even it comes as surprise for you
hope you feel it girl
Things might be little hard for you
but here I'm with you
Ready to fall on my knees
making up with every possible dreams
we've shared together, no more lonleliness
When I'm in danger, you will be m y protection
I can tell my life will be delicious
coz' nothing compares satisfaction when I'm with you
You give a wings, make me believe I can fly
Even under the shadow of sin
I find a little peace when I'm with you, feels I'm home.