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27th February 2010, 03:40
hi all,
I have completed Masters Degree and about to apply for the PSW, now I am jobless, Its really hard to get job here(no chance of professional job as per the qualifications, getting any jobs is really hard now.......
Any idea how to get job-whatsoever the work, I need to earn some money before I go Nepal. experienced members-please give some suggestions

27th February 2010, 23:19
Hi there, I clearly understand your problem. Well, searching job takes a lot of time and it is sometime very frustrating not to have any outcome. I was once in your situation. I would like to suggest some points which may help you in finding job.

1. Do not waste time applying jobs online: Most of the jobs posted on famous job search sites like reed.co.uk, jobserve.cm and other popular jobsites have many jobs advertised but are meant for big companies. I applied for more than 2000 over 6 months...yes 2000 jobs but it didn't help me at all. Got some calls mainly asking if I have high experience, which I don't have. Above all, many calls came from fake companies who ask you what jobs you have applied for, which companies. These fake companies just want to get information from you so they can contact those companies and get business for themselves. So if someone asks you if you have applied for some companies, know it that they are fake. Give answers like yes, I have applied for IBM, Accenture bla bla just to get them away.
2. Most important: Visit jobcentre plus near you. To find the one near you, use this page http://www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk/JCP/Aboutus/Ouroffices/Search/LocalOfficeSearch.aspx. Though you can search jobs through their website, I suggest you to visit the office which I did. There, you can search job through machine, print right vacancies and call employer (if you want) all for free. Many small companies who do not want to spend much on advertising jobs, post their vacancies on jobcentre.

I did this and found a suitable job. I applied for it, got an interview call and got the job on first instant. However, please keep in mind that I got job because I was right candidate for the job. So apply only to those jobs which may be highly relevant to you.

3. Also check website like www.gumtree.com which has vacancies for small companies and hiring generally takes very less steps and time. For larger companies, even if you apply for graduate position they have 5,6 exams and (even if you pass all) hiring process it will take 6 months to 1 year.
4. Focus on job rather than salary: Do not think that you need lots of money from your job. Get the job first even if they pay less and gain more experience. After you are more experienced, you will have lots of opportunities in the future.

I hope this will help you to be more focused on your job. Be focused and all the best.

28th February 2010, 00:46
hi lovenepalalways, thank you very much for your kind suggestions.cheers!!!