View Full Version : WHT NRN is about,,,,,

28th February 2010, 00:07
;D, suva prabhat ,, jaya nepal ,,,,
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I m surprised DR subedi regine from NRN. ???

In my opinion,,, NRN IS the way to estabilish the name of those businessman nepalese who r outside nepal,,,,,,,,whether u take it or leave it,, tht;s the truth,,,,REALITYB ITES,,,
,,,,, NRN OPEN WITH VERY GOOD NEPALESE ,,,,,BUT FOLLOW WITH UNEDUCATED BUSINESS MEN, WHO HAVE MONEY BUT NO QUALIFICATION,,,,, it,,,,,,,,,, is better to be HATED for wat u r than to be LOVED for wat u r not . ...........NRN IS THE SOURCE TO GET NAME IN NEPAL,,, n I mean it ;D

May be I m wrong but, why NRN FIGHTING FOR DUAL CITIZENSHIP,Nepal government announce to have IDENTITY CARD rather then to have dual citizenship,,, As far as i feel , its good,, we nepalese r not only in AMERICA UK N AUSTRALIA,, There r many nepalese who is in india too,,
N for kind information I m sure only those nepalese who r in india LOVE TO DO BUSINESS IN NEPAL INSTEAD OF WHT NRN think people from UK USA OR AUST WILL GET ADVANTAGE,,
I think it will not benefit OUR ECONOMY,, ;D