View Full Version : Cheapest calling cards to Nepal from UK?..............

4th May 2008, 13:04
Does anyone know any place,person or website where you can find cheap calling cards to Nepal from UK/

Thanks you

4th May 2008, 15:53
Please register to reply, I can see a lot of people willing to help. Registering is easy and requires a screen name.

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25th September 2013, 09:20
Yes, there are lots of companies and distributors that offer cheap calling cards to call in different countries. Youi just need to search over the web or contact to any distributor who will provide you the phone card to Nepal at affordable rates.

Jai Nepal !
3rd October 2013, 12:33
Dear 316tkr
Same as you i even i was looking for the cheap and good calling card from UK to Nepal.
Recently i got to know that kantipur tel is the good one. I am using it and the voice quality is crystal clear and the price is good for us aswell. Try one using it go to website ok kantipur tel

Thank you