View Full Version : Screening Nepali Film in UK

12th March 2010, 23:51
Was wondering if anyone here knows the procedure, rough costs or any tips on screening a Nepali film in the UK.
By that I mean only in like a selected place, for example - Folkestone for one night.
How much roughly would the rights for the film cost? and will i have to get/buy any license from here to screen it here?

help needed guys.

13th March 2010, 04:28
Try asking the local council, there should be a department that handles permission for filming.

This site has some useful info about filming permission in London. It should have some pointers.


13th March 2010, 12:21
thanks for the reply, i was wondering about screening a movie here, for example in the past UK made Nepali films such as Paschatap and others like Flight No 187 have been showcased at community centres in Folkestone. so i was wondering if i was to contact the Kusume Rumal(new one) team then they give me permission to show their movie here then wud i still have to get permission from local authorities?