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16th March 2010, 20:54
It's a message to all contract mobile (pay monthly mobile) holders:
LycaMobile is distributing its new Lyca Mobile Pluse numbers starting with 074... According to T-Mobile and Orange Mobile these numbers starting from 074 are not regular mobile numbers (These are premium numbers). So calling to these numbers from your pay monthly mobile will charge you extra calling charge and it will not be counted in your montly call allowance. Check your mobile bills regularly and if any of you have already charged extra for calling these numbers, speak to your mobile operator and ask to change the bill because you don't know it's premium number.
It's funny that either Lyca Mobile is distributing premium numbers to the users for business purpose OR they forgot to register these numbers as regular mobile numbers OR other mobile operators numbering system is not updated regularly. In either of these cases people who are calling to these numbers are losing money. And it's a big SCAM.

I'm writing this from my own experience. I got T-Mobile with sufficient monthly call and text allowance. Everytime I call to Lyca Mobile Plus number T-mobile charge me extra cost.